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Filson sintered plastic is your ideal option for a wide range of diffusion, aeration and filtration applications, can be customized in various special sizes and shapes. From pharmaceutical, food production, laboratory wastewater treatment, fine chemical to non-ferrous metal industries, it can be found everywhere.

For over 18 years, Filson has accumulated vast experience of designing and manufacturing in sintered porous plastic filed. We have served thousands of projects from over 40 countries and regions around the world and with nice reputation.

Filson Sintered Plastic

Sintered Polyethylene
Filson sintered polyethylene (PE) using high molecular polyethylene as the main raw material, sintered at the high temperature. It features excellent mechanical performance with equal pore sizes both of inner and outer surface.
Sintered PTFE
Filson sintered PTFE provides almost highest temperature resistance of several common sintered plastic types which can withstand maximal temperature of 200℃. And its chemical stability is also superior to them.
Sintered Polypropylene
Filson sinterede polypropylene (PP) is characterized by rigid structure and uniform pore distribution. If you prefer high strength and large pore size designs, it is a good choice.
Sintered Plastic Filter
Filson sintered plastic filter, also called sintered plastic porous filter, is an ideal solution for various air/water/oil filtration applications. We supply plenty of sintered plastic filters in roll, disc, sheet shapes for your need.

Why Choose Filson

Quality: Filson sintered plastic materials are CE, ISO 9001 certified, and we have established a dedicated team for quality control before delivery.

Price: Filson always focuses on cost control without losing the highest quality, and we can provide the best price since we have our own production factory.

Delivery: Filson works with most of the popular logistic companies closely, committed to minimizing entire transportation time.

Engineering: Filson has a team of professional sintered plastic engineers and promises to manufacture the filter fully based on your drawing.

Sintered Plastic

Filson: One-stop Solution for Sintered Plastic (PP/PE/PTFE/PA)

Filson sintered plastic, also called sintered porous plastic, is mainly manufactured from kinds of thermoplastic materials through a vacuum sintering process, commonly using PP, PE, PTFE, PA materials. With reusable and cost-effective features, Filson sintered plastic can benefit a wide range of air/water/oil/ pharmaceutical solution filtration applications.


You may make a decision on the material according to the end product need. If you prefer a large pore size range and rigid structure, choose Filson sintered polyethylene (PE) or sintered polypropylene (PP); and if you focus on high thermal and chemical resistance, Filson sintered PTFE is an optimal choice.

Filson Sintered Plastic Filter

Of course, not only these common materials can be provided, Filson also supplies many other materials like polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) to meet each unique requirement. Our sintered porous plastic experts will work closely throughout the project and assist you to select the most appropriate material.

Filson sintered plastic is easily sterilized and cleaned with both smooth inner and outer surfaces, offering an extended service life. Additionally, it features uniform pore distribution and a large open area with high permeability, which can be used as a filter, wick, vent, fluid delivery, and diffusion mechanism as required.

Standard Filson sintered porous plastic is molded into disc, sheet, roll, etc. shapes to be a part of the filter, and your required shapes are available. Plus, through the sintering process, it obtains exceptional strength and stable structure while maintaining lightweight.

A series of advanced vacuum sintering furnaces and molds in various sizes support our mass production. Further, we will refine each finished sintered plastic filter depending on the drawing to ensure that every detail is suitable for your application.

Filson sintered porous plastic filter allows various connection and end cup designs, commonly available are M12, M14, M20, M22, M30, M36, M42. And a variety of length cuts of Filson sintered plastic filters can be designed from 250 to 2000 mm.

Filson sintered plastic materials provide excellent chemical compatibility and high-temperature resistance up to 260℃, can be used for kinds of strong acid and alkali environments. Its efficient filtration performance is not inferior to that of metal, and it is cost control friendly for you.

No matter used for gas filtration or water filtration, Filson always designs sintered porous plastic with desired micron ratings, the standard range is from 0.5-150 μm with 99.7% efficiency. If you require smaller or larger pore sizes, please discuss with our technicians.

SIntered Plastic Filter Material and Size

After a period of use, your sintered plastic filter may become clogged and need to clean, here are several recommended cleaning methods:

1. Physical way: since exceptional mechanical performance and resistance to fracture, you can utilize compressed air or water to backwash the filter at the pressure of 0.4-0.6 Mpa. This is a simple but short-term effective clean method, a chemical cleaning is necessary after a long time of use.

2. Chemical way: accumulated contaminants will clog the sintered porous plastic filter after a long-period of operation. This is where you need to soak it in a 5-10% concentration acid or alkaline solution to neutralize the contaminants, and then backwash it by air or water.

Other clean methods like ultrasonic clean and high-temperature vapor clean are available, depending on the actual situation.

Filson sintered plastic is versatile, flexible, and customizable for easy fabrication and conversion. Filson is dedicated to providing diverse OEM/ODM products, with superior durability and the highest quality. Any customized requirement can be fulfilled.

Before leaving the factory, every filter manufactured by Filson sintered porous plastic will experience a strict bubble point test or other essential tests to guarantee the optimum pore distribution uniformity. Moreover, Filson sintered plastic is certified by CE, ISO 9001, you can use it with confidence.

Filson sintered plastic is immediately delivered for standard type, while customized type needs 1-2 weeks production time. We package each sintered plastic very carefully with plastic film and customized wooden cases, ensuring the best safety during transportation.

Plastic Filtration Element for Air and Gas Filtration

Not only sintered plastic, Filson always supplies glass fiber filters, borosilicate glass fiber filter, membrane filter, pleated filter cartridge, sintered metal filter… for all water, oil, gas filtration. If you are interested in any of Filson filters, please let us know.

Filson is happy to help you complete your project with our cost-effective and quality sintered plastic. If there are any doubt of Filson sintered plastic, contact us. We are here for you 24/7.

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Filson Sintered Plastic Features:

  • Wide range of chemical compatibility and stability
  • Uniform pore distribution with high air permeability
  • Cleanable and reusable with extended service life
  • Fine filtration accuracy with great filtration efficiency
  • Highly smooth inner/outer surface without particle shedding
  • Resistant to high temperature and various strong acid&alkali

Filson Sintered Plastic Specifications:

  • Raw Material: PA/PP/PE/PTFE
  • Operating Temperature (℃): up to 260
  • Length/Height (mm): 250-2000
  • Micron Rating (μm): 0.3-150
  • Pressure Differential (Mpa): Max. 6
  • Operating Pressure (Mpa): 0.2
  • Backwash Pressure (Mpa): 0.4-0.6

Filson Sintered Plastic Applications:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Production
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Air Filtration
  • Fine Chemical
  • Non-ferrous Metal
  • Light Industry
  • Textile
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