Filson Sintered Metal Flame Arrestor

  • Full metal construction for good mechanical strength
  • Uniform pore size control and distribution for better performance
  • Outstanding flame resistance to ensure the safety of operation
  • Numerous configurations for customers to choose
  • Simple structure, easy to install and clean

Filson sintered metal flame arrestor, a highly-engineered custom assembly, is an ideal choice for flame arrestors, benefitting from precise gas flow control while providing a mechanically sound media to extinguish the flame front.

  • Construction material: stainless steel, titanium, hastelloy, monel, nickel, inconel, brass
  • Working temperature: up to 760°C ( upon materials )
  • Pore size: 0.2 – 100 μm ( larger sizes available based on request )
  • Shape: disc, sheet, tube, rod
  • Size: different according to the shapes, consult factory

Note: specifications above are for reference only, more details to be known by contacting Filson.

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Filson Sintered Metal Flame Arrestor

Quality Sintered Metal Flame Arrestor for Your System

Filson is an expert in designing and engineering sintered porous metal media, aiming at filtering, sparging, venting, wicking, flow controlling and flame arresting as well. And these sintered metal flame arrestors will be fully matching with your equipments due to the careful design.

Typically, Filson manufactures sintered metal flame arrestors using high grade metals and alloys to better comply with your application needs. Among which, stainless steel like 304L and 316L are the most popular materials. Besides, you can choose from titanium, brass, hastelloy, monel and nickel.

Filson sintered metal flame arrestor is featured by high porosity, uniform pore size control, excellent temperature and corrosion resistance and good chemical properties to be applied to all sorts of industrial applications.

Filson is always ready to be your reliable sintered metal flame arrestor manufacturer and supplies the best products fitting your system. So if you have any needs or problems, please do contact us for help.

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