Industrial Leader of Sintered Metal Filter Cartridge

Filson supplies a wide range of sintered metal filter cartridges in different material types, like common stainless steel, bronze, titanium, nickel or other alloys. By sintering, Filson sintered metal filter cartridges provide the advantage of high temperature resistance up to 600°C.

To simplify your installation, Filson offer sintered metal filter cartridge with varieties of end cap types to be selected, such as 222, 226, SOE, DOE. Certainly, customization service is always permitted for your special application needs.

If you need basket type, disc type or tube type sintered metal filter, we also have ample stock. Filson will always satisfy you with excellent production quality and high cost performance.

Contact Filson now at +86 157 3695 8886 to get a quote for top quality sintered metal filter cartridges in China!

Compared to welded wire screen filter cartridge, Filson sintered metal filter cartridges offer a smoother surface to allow easier cleaning. Therefore, it is available in a long service time with the low maintenance cost.

  • Raw material: SS304/316L, bronze, monel, nickel, titanium …
  • Temperaturecondition: 600°C
  • Filtration accuracy: 5-200μm
  • Length: up to3000mm
  • Connection style: 222/226/DOE/SOE …
  • Shape: cylinder, candle, sheet, conical, plate

Note: material/filtration accuracy/length/connection type/shape is supported OEM

  • Ability to be back-washed for reuse ability
  • Rigid configuration for pressure resistance
  • Excellent performance under high heat condition
  • Corrosion resistance against acids and alkalis
  • Easy to clean for the long service time
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