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Filson sintered wire mesh filters are an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including the filtration of food&beverage, water treatment, pharmaceutical, and polymer industries… For high flow rate or heavily polluted applications, Filson sintered wire mesh filters with a pleating design will extend the filtration area, further making dirt holding capacity larger.

Filson standard sintered wire cloth filters’ material is SS304, with the thickness down to 1.7mm, the Max. diameter 500mm and the porosity up to 48%. Of course, we can assist you with custom sintered metal mesh filters with different materials, wire diameters, thicknesses, and mesh sizes.

Sintered Mesh Filters

1. Sintered Mesh Filter Basket-
Filson sintered mesh filter baskets can be used as sub-micron filters, especially for the filtration of heavy duty applications. Filson sintered stainless steel basket filter is available with wide range of flow rate up to 3600m3/hr and filtration rating of 5-2000µm.
2. Pleated Sintered Filter Cartridge-
Filson pleated sintered filter cartridge consist of muti-layer meshes with the broadest range of pore size. It ensures to maximize the effective filtration area, for a larger dirt holding capacity and reduced installation space. Furthermore, Filson pleated sintered filter cartridge achieve nearly three times as much filtration effect as cylindrical filter. It provides a smooth surface, making it to be a perfect choice for backwash applications.
3. Stainless Steel Sintered Mesh Filter-
Standard Filson stainless steel sintered mesh filter is constructed from 5 layers 304 or 316L stainless steel wire meshes. It is available for mining industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, industrial waste filtration.
4. Sintered Dust Collector Filter Bags-
Filson sintered dust collector filter bags overcome the disadvantages of traditional PP filter bags, like poor heat resistance, low strength, poor reuse ability and difficulty in regeneration. It can be widely used for gas filtration directly such as oil mist dedusting.
5. Sintered High Flow Water Filter Cartridge-
Filson sintered high-flow water filter cartridges have unique radial pleat design to facilitate higher flow capability, higher effective filtration area and less space using. They are widely used for high-flow water purification or even strong acid, lye and organic solvent filtration. Tradition PP or glass fiber high flow water filter cartridge is disposable, and need to replace it frequently with manual operation. In recent years, more and more end users want to change PP/glass fiber filter into stainless steel pleated filter cartridge, as it is more friendly to environment, easier cleaning for longer using time to save cost and will not bring in any fluff impurities.
6. Conical Sintered Filter-
Filson conical sintered filter use rolling seam welding process to ensure roundness and flatness, with better diversion, separation as well as filtration. Its bottom can be designed as flat or pointed according to your installation requirement.
7. Sintered Mesh Filter Plate-
Filson standard sintered mesh filter plate is available for the thickness 1-5mm and diameter 10-3000mm. It is suitable for explosion proof screen protector, fluidized bed, chromatographic column, dry plate, vertical plate, fluidizing plate, slurry filter and more.

Why Choose Filson

Filson is a first-class sintered mesh filters manufacturer in China. Every day, there are more than 13,000 sintered filter elements produced and delivered to Europe and America. With over 15 years of production experience, Filson engineer team has know-how in filtration stability, filtration fineness, and flow rate properties of sintered mesh filters.

Each Filson sintered mesh filter is guaranteed to adopt the best quality raw materials and produce by advanced vacuum sintering equipment. Meanwhile, Filson will perform a series of comprehensive and strict inspections as per ISO9001 before delivery.

sintered mesh filter design


Filson: Top-rated Sintered Mesh Filters Supplier

Sintered mesh filter

Filson Sintered Mesh Filter, also named sintered wire mesh filter, sintered metal mesh filter, sintered wire cloth filter, is mainly made of multi-layer metal meshes through heat and pressure processes, usually 2-7 layers.

Sintered wire mesh filter

Through this sintering treatment, Filson sintered mesh filters will combine the filtration effect of every single mesh and achieve a superior filtration level.

Filson offers sintered wire cloth filters by cutting, rolling, welding and machining, to form various shapes, like sintered mesh tube, sintered mesh disc, sintered mesh basket, sintered mesh cone, cylinder and pleated sintered filter cartridge.


Plus, most shapes of Filson sintered wire mesh filters are available from minimal 1 micron accuracy with 99.98% filtration efficiency.

In addition, Filson sintered mesh filters are supplied by a variety of weaving patterns, such as plain weave, twilled weave, dutch plain&twilled weave, reverse weave and perforated options.

Among them, dutch twilled weave for sintered mesh filter is the most comprehensive selection with uniform openings and steady air permeability.

Filson sintered mesh filters always maintain longer using time even under high temperature and pressure conditions.

Stainless Steel Sintered Mesh Filter

For example, compared with traditional welded stainless steel mesh filter baskets, Filson sintered mesh filter baskets can withstand the high temperature of 480℃ under 362psi conditions, with higher filtration accuracy and stronger strength.

Stainless steel mesh filter

After a period of use, when your sintered mesh filter is blocked, you could clean it easily.

Using like ultrasonic, chemical solution, high-pressure water jetting cleaning methods, Filson sintered mesh filters will restore original efficiency. Also, it is widely used in self-cleaning filtration applications.

If you are interested in Filson sintered wire mesh filters, you will get a free pre-cut mesh sample within 7 days. Moreover, Filson will package your products with a plastic bag inside and carton/wooden case outside, to efficiently protect goods during shipping.

Please contact FILSON now at +86-157 3695 8886 or! We are always here to support your business!

Filson Sintered Mesh Filter Specifications:

  • Raw material: stainless steel, monel, nickel, inconel, hastelloy
  • Operating temperature: -269℃ to 480℃
  • Filtration rating: 1-200μm
  • Standard thickness: 1.7mm
  • Standard out diameter: 10-500mm
  • Standard length: 40-1000mm
  • Porosity range: 38%-48%(5 layers-6layers)
  • Shapes: disk, tube, cylinder, candle, leaf disc, cone,basket, pleated
  • End design: thread orflange connection, 222/226/SOE/DOE…
  • Typical maximum differential pressure: 25bar(362.5psi)

Note: material, thickness, diameter, length, shape can be customized.

Filson Sintered Mesh Filter Applications:

  • Food & Beverage industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Chemical pharmaceutical industry
  • Agrochemical industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Water treatment
  • Filtration of gas

Filson Sintered Mesh Filter Benefits:

– Simple to clean and repeatedly used

– Strong structure and high mechanical strength

– High temperature and pressure resistance

– Anti-corrosion in kinds of acid and alkali solutions

– Consistent pore size and uniform pore distribution

– High permeability and exceptional filtration efficiency

– Anti-abrasion and anti-oxidation

– High flow rate and low-pressure drop

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