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Filson sintered Inconel wire mesh is mainly manufactured by a range of high quality Inconel materials. With the outstanding creep resistance, it may reduce the deformation during the filtration process, resulting in a consistent filtration accuracy of 2-300 micron.

Apart from that, Filson sintered Inconel wire mesh also performs well in high temperature operating conditions. For example, Filson sintered Inconel wire mesh made by Inconel 600 can be used at a Max. temperature of 815°C.

Customizing layers and shapes is available. Please call to getting the TOP QUALITY Filson sintered inconel wire mesh today!

Filson sintered Inconel wire mesh features non-magnetic, with prominent resistance to corrosion even under high temperature environment. It usually plays an important role in petrochemical, aerospace, hydropower, nuclear power, oil refining, and shipbuilding industries.

  • Raw material: Inconel600, Inconel 601, Inconel 625 …
  • Number of layers: 2-8layers
  • Micron rating: 2-300µm
  • Max operating temperature: 593°C-815°C
  • Shapes: disk, sheet, tube, cylinder, candle, cone, basket…
  • Standard size: 1000×500, 1000×600, 1000×1000, 1200×1000, 1500×1200mm

Note: please consult Filson for customizing specifications as your requirements

  • Easy to cleanby its smooth surface
  • Stable and usable even under extreme conditions
  • Superior corrosion resistance for various chemical solutions
  • High temperatureresistance up to 815°C
  • Strong resistance to pitting in reducing environments
  • Easy to processby cutting and welding
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