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Filson sintered Hastelloy wire mesh is an ideal selection for super high temperature conditions, withstanding even up to 1090°C. It is mainly made of Hastelloy, a more expensive material than normal stainless steel, so it especially applies to drug manufacturing, pesticide processing, etc.

Furthermore, Filson sintered Hastelloy wire mesh has a perfect corrosion resistance feature. If you are looking for the best material for filtration of highly corrosive liquids such as hydrates, chlorine-nitric acid, Filson sintered Hastelloy wire mesh is ought to be the best choice.

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Filson sintered Hastelloy wire mesh can amazingly withstand 350Mpa pressure, while regular stainless steel material can only sustain 150Mpa. Thereby, the deformation and damage produced in use of Filson sintered Hastelloy wire mesh are significantly reduced.

  • Raw material: a range of Hastelloy
  • Operating temperature: Max. 1090°C
  • Filtration accuracy: 1-300μm
  • Pressureresistance: Max. 350Mpa
  • Mesh layer: 3-8or other multiple layers
  • Standard size: 1000×500, 1000×600, 1000×1000, 1200×1000, 1500×1200mm

Note: custom layers/sizes/filtration accuracy are available; finished cartridges made of sintered Hastelloy wire mesh is also provided.

  • Excellent heat resistance to suit high temperature environment
  • High filtration accuracy forhigh precision industries
  • All Hastelloy structure for optimum corrosion resistance
  • Outstanding structurestability under harsh environmental requirements
  • Clean abilityand endurance for continuous use
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