Sintered Fiber Filter Cartridge

  • Stable quality with high resistance to heat, pressure and corrosion
  • Extended service life for easily clean and reverse cleaning properties
  • High dirt holding capacity with uniform and compact pleats
  • Stable pore size and form due to fully welded construction
  • Available for customized service to meet different requirements
  • Durable and longer service life for cleanable and reusable

Filson sintered fiber filter cartridge has robust structure and superior filter capacity, as its filter element is made of quality and multi-layers metal fibers, which bonded together through lamination pressing and vacuum sintering, hence our product us durable at work without risk of immigration of materials.

  • Raw Materials: stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, etc
  • Filtration rating: 1 – 200 micron
  • Filter shape: cylindrical, conical, etc
  • Pollutant-holding capacity: 16.9 – 41 mg/cm2
  • Length: 99 – 1490 mm
  • Diameter: 35 – 80 mm
  • Operating temperature: -200°C – 600°C
  • Working pressure: 30 MPa
  • Fluid viscosity: 260 Pa.s
  • Clean method: chemical cleaning, high-temperature calcination, ultrasonic cleaning
  • Standards: ISO 4003, ISO 4022, ISO 4572

Note: above sheet is for reference purposes, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Sintered Fiber Filter Cartridge

High Performance with Affordable Price

Filson sintered fiber filter cartridge utilizes fully welded construction, which reinforced its internal and external core, so it is an ideal solution for high pressure, highly corrosive and radioactive applications.

The diameter of fiber is uniform, which provides Filson sintered fiber filter cartridge with great gas permeability and filtration precision. Its filtration area also increases by folding structure, resulting in increasing amount pf filter dirt.

Available for stainless steel and other alloys, Filson sintered fiber felt cartridge is washable and cleanable. Additionally, it is weldable and machining. From materials to dimensions, from filtration accuracy to shape, it is fabricated according to your requirements.

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