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Filson sintered candle filters are mainly made of stainless steel, including SS fiber felt, SS sintered mesh or SS powder. It can achieve the filtration accuracy down to 0.2μm, or you can customize the pore size to change it.

If you choose a Filson candle filter made of porous metal materials, you will obtain excellent filtration rating of 0.2 micron with 99.9% filtration efficiency. But, the flow rate would be relatively slow to sintered mesh candle filter.

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributer or end user, Filson is always ready to provide you the best sintered candle filter!

Filson sintered candle filter offers the best compatibility for a variety of filter types e.g. gravity and pressure filters. Additionally, it is ideal for surface & depth filtration of liquid and gas by specializing different layer configurations.

  • Raw material:SS 304/316L or upon request
  • Length: Max.1000mm
  • Outer diameter: 5-160 mm
  • Inner diameter: 6-150 mm
  • Filtration accuracy: down to2μm
  • Structure: powder sinteredor multi-layer mesh sintered
  • End configuration: DOE, SOE,222, 226

Note: customizing service of material/length/OD/ID/filtration accuracy … is always allowed

  • Precise filtration rating for high purity filtration
  • Stable structureshape due to sintering process
  • High porosity up to 90% forsuperior permeability
  • Good backwash flow and long-lasting performance
  • Without downtime to reduce theoperation costs
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