Filson Single Phase Heat Exchanger

  • Excellent single-phase heat transfer performance
  • Wide range of compact heat exchangers
  • Various selection for quality raw materials
  • Robust structure for long time use

Filson is a leading supplier of heat exchangers for industrial applications in China. All our heat exchangers are designed to make the most efficient use of energy, material and space. With advanced technologies, Filson always upgrades our products to meet more requirements.

  • Material: stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex stainless steel, cemaric, plastic and more
  • Media type: oil, water, air, gas
  • Working temperature: under 450℃(up on material and type)
  • Working pressure: under 6.4MPa
  • Flow rate: 25L/min(depending on fluid type)
  • Heat transfer efficiency: 2.80% to almost 100%
  • Heat exchange area: 1 – 800㎡
  • Color: grey, blue, silver, brown(based on customer requirements)
  • Standard: ASME, ANSI, JIS, GB

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Filson Single Phase Heat Exchanger

Well-performed Single Phase Heat Exchanger for the Application

Filson single phase heat exchange, in short, is the simplest form of heat transfer. All the fluids type keep in the same phase or can stay its own state throughout the whole heat transferring process.

Commonly, the medias passing through the heat exchanger can be many forms in both liquid and gas. And it can be easily found in a shell and tube heat exchanger.

Filson single phase heat exchanger, with compact structure and excellent performance, is used in a wide range of applications such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, oil refining, etc.

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