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Filson has specialized in designing and fabricating filters for more than 20 years, with advanced technology and extensive experience to provide you with complete types of serum filters.

  • Comprehensive types to meet various filtration needs
  • Sterile product prevents contaminating serum samples
  • Fine aperture to achieve high impurity capture efficiency
  • Small retention volume to avoid valuable serum loss
  • Low protein-binding capacity to be suitable for biological solution

What is Serum Filters?

Serum filters are specifically designed to remove impurities in serum samples in the laboratory and medical fields. It is highly sterile and will not combine with protein, with high flow rates and excellent filtration performance.

Filson serum filters have complete types, including sterile syringe filter, membrane filter cartridge, capsule filter, sterile filter tips, centrifugal filter tube, etc. Each type of serum filter has specific functions and specifications, which can be suitable for various volume of samples.

Using superior raw materials and strictly following international certification standards, Filson serum filters have excellent performance. They have very low retention capacity and avoids sample waste. Meanwhile, they have extremely high filtration efficiency to provide pure serum.

Main Types of Serum Filters

Blood Serum Filters

Composed of plastic housing containing filter media and single-way valve, Filson blood serum filter is designed to effectively remove useless impurities in serum samples. It can be equipped with different types of accessories or connectors for better compatibility with filter devices.

With minimum aperture of 0.1μm, Filson sterile syringe filter is designed to remove tiny particles and microorganisms from liquid. By filtering serum, it ensures that the serum is free of bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants that interfere with research or clinical diagnostic applications.

Filson sterile membrane filter cartridge consists of a cylindrical housing with a built-in film and can be easily installed and replaced in filtration system. It is pre-sterilized after producing, which can remove particles, microorganisms and other impurities in serum to ensure purity and safety.

Capsule Filter

As an airtight disposable filter device, Filson capsule filter is commonly used for small-scale sample filtering in laboratory. Its filter medias include PES, PVDF, or nylon, etc., which provide high flow rate and filtration efficiency. Furthermore, it can be easily installed and replaced.

Depth Filter Sheets

The matrix of small channels and pores formed by compressing cellulose fibers or other materials, Filson deep filter sheets have very high impurity capture capability and dirt retention capability. It has deep matrix depth and large effective filtration area for thorough purification of serum.

Fabricated under strict sterile conditions, Filson sterile membrane filter can provide sterile and reliable method of filtering serum samples, often used in combination with syringe or filter device. It allows the liquid to pass through while retaining bacteria, viruses, and other impurities.

Filson Serum Filters Benefits

Complete Types

Filson supplies all filter types that can be used for serum filtration. Furthermore, our filters have a wide range of sizes and specifications to meet various filtering requirements.

Aseptic Filtration

To avoid polluting serum, Filson serum filters are manufactured in 100,000 grade clean room and subjected to strict sterilization procedures to ensure 100% sterility.

Easy Operation

Whether it is a small disposable filter or a large filter device, Filson serum filter is convenient to use, effectively saving operation time and improving work efficiency.

High Throughput

Some types of serum filters, such as multi-well filter plates, are designed for high-throughput applications, allowing for the filtration of multiple samples simultaneously.

Features of Filson Serum Filters

  • Premium materials ensure strong structure and durable quality
  • Good sealing avoids sample leakage and ensures smooth filtration
  • Standard specification, full consistency between batches
  • High fluid flow volume allows for fast serum filtration rate
  • Precise, uniform aperture accurately captures impurities
  • Ingenious interface design to be connected with system closely
  • High filtration efficiency, remove more than 99.99% of impurities
  • Multiple functions, perform to sample, store, and purify serum

Specifications of Serum Filters

  • Housing Materials: PP, UHMWPE , HDPE, PVC, etc.
  • Filter Medias: cellulose, PP, PTFE, PES, PVDF, RC, nylon, etc.
  • Filter Accuracy: 0.1 μm to 100 μm
  • Temperature Limit: 200℃
  • Flow Rate: up to 1000 LPH
  • Hold-up Volume: less than 10 µL
  • Filtration Efficiency: more than 99.99%
  • Sterilization Methods: autoclave, gamma-ray irradiation, etc.

Why Choose Filson Serum Filters

As a well-known OEM company in the field of filtering solutions, Filson always follows the highest quality standards, in line with the requirements of various industries and regulations. Thus our serum filters have excellent filtration efficiency and consistent performance.

Filson serum filters have multiple benefits, including high flow rate, large dirt holding capacity, excellent contaminant capture efficiency, low retention volume and weak protein binding capacity, etc. It is compatible with a variety of solvents and chemicals to ensure sample integrity.

After the product is completed, Filson takes strict quality tests to guarantee that each serum filter meets or exceeds the performance and reliability standards. We tested the pore size, flow rate, retention efficiency and other parameters of filters.

Choosing Filson serum filters means providing premium, reliable, and efficient filtration solution for your serum filtration. In addition, our products are set to the factory price, with the highest cost performance to make you satisfied. Contact Filson by phone +86-157 3695 8886 or email addressof

Main Applications of Serum Filters

Serum Sterilization

With pore size as low as 0.1 micron, Filson serum filters are able to capture super-small particles and efficiently remove bacteria, mold and other microorganisms from serum. Its purified serum is pure and sterile, and can be used in a variety of applications.

Filson serum filters have extremely low protein binding capacity and are ideal for filtering biological solutions. They can be used for filtering cell culture media, buffers, and other biological samples to remove impurities that may affect the integrity of samples.

Serum filters can be used for the filtration of serum samples in clinical diagnostics to remove any impurities. After filtering serum, the accuracy of test results can be effectively improved, and avoid particulate damage to precision instruments.

The serum of pharmaceutical industry has very high requirements for sterility and purity. Serum filters can be used for the filtration of medicines and injections to ensure the safety and effectiveness of product and to play higher role in the medical field.

Serum filters are used to remove interfering substances from serum samples to perform accurate immunological assays. It removes the vast majority of microorganisms and impurities from the sample, ensuring that the immunoassay is efficient and accurate.

Filson: Your Unparalleled Serum Filter Designer and Supplier

Filson always provides the most comprehensive serum filters with excellent performance and favorable price, meet your various serum filtration needs.

Serum FiltersFAQ Guide

What is The Purpose of Using Serum Filters?

The purpose of using serum filters is to remove impurities and particles from the serum sample to obtain a clear and pure serum for further analysis or experimentation.

What Types of Serum Filters are Available in Filson?

Filson designs and manufactures various types of serum filters, including blood serum filters, sterile syringe filters, sterile membrane cartridges, capsule filters, depth filter sheets, sterile membrane filters, multi-well filter plates, sterile filter tips, and centrifuge filter tubes.

How Do I Choose the Right Serum Filter for My Application?

The choice of serum filter depends on the specific application requirements, such as the type of serum, the volume of the sample, the level of impurities, and the downstream analysis or experimentation. It is essential to consider the pore size, flow rate, and chemical compatibility of the filter material.

What is The Shelf Life of Serum Filters?

The shelf life of serum filters varies depending on the type of filter and the storage conditions. Generally, most serum filters have a shelf life of 2-3 years when stored in a dry and cool environment.

What is The Recommended Storage Condition for Serum Filters?

The recommended storage condition for serum filters is in a dry and cool environment away from direct sunlight. It is also essential to keep the filters in their original packaging until ready for use.

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