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Filson is committed to improving user experience and providing high-performance self-sealing filter with affordable price.

  • Excellent sealing effect to withstand high water column
  • Great resistance to corrosion and high-temperature
  • Hygienic and non-toxic with bio-compatibility
  • Multiple series to meet various requirements
  • On-time and reliable delivery guarantee

What is Self-Sealing Filter?

Filson self-sealing filter is fabricated by UHMW-PE and special polymer, it keeps good air-permeability under dry conditions, and it sealed once be exposed liquids, hence it has outstanding performance in air-permeability and water-blocking.

Because Filson self-sealing filter acts as an automatic valve, which allows it protect medical systems against bacteria and prevent cross contamination, hence it is an ideal solution for biological and medical applications.

In order to better meet different requirements, Filson self-sealing filter comes in various types, such as arterial blood sampler filter, ESR pipettes filter, IV catheter filter, etc. Additionally, all of them enjoy 99.9% bacterial aerosol filtration efficiency.

Self-Sealing Filter Categories

Pipette Tip Filter

Equipped with smooth and uniform inner surface, Filson pipette tip filter is able to avoid liquid adhesion and prevent solutions from collecting inside tip. It offers almost 100% protection from cross contamination by self-sealing when touch solutions.

Arterial Blood Sampler Filter

Filson arterial blood sampler filter is specially designed to prevent the contact and exchange between air and blood because of its superior self-sealing property. With pure UHMW-PE as base material, it has no erythrocyte adhesiveness to avoid test errors.

Suction Canister Filter

Filson suction canister filter can filter out dust, bacterial and other harmful particles due to its great air-permeability, while it can also instantly self-sealing when contacting waste liquids to avoid spilling, greatly protection equipment and surroundings.

IV Catheter Filter

The purpose of Filson IV catheter filer is improve medical staff efficiency, reduce workload of nurses and alleviate patient’s pain from repeating vein-puncture. Thanks to its self-sealing capacity, it can prevent secondary infection and isolate air and blood.

ESR Pipettes Filter

Made of ultra-pure UHMW-PE, Filson ESR pipettes filter is sterile and has no erythrocyte adhesiveness, hence it help a lot in ESR testing and improve medical staff’s efficiency and tests’ accuracy. It can also withstand high pressure up to 50 kPa.

Peripheral Venous Catheter Filter

As an ideal solution in clinical practice, Filson peripheral venous catheter filter is able to exclude air bubbles quickly and easily. It realizes 100% success in avoiding medication spilling and contamination. With precision machining, it achieves perfect fitting between filters and catheter.

Filson Self-Sealing Filter Benefits

Ultra-precise Customization
Ultra-precise Customization

With precision machining, Filson self-sealing filter ensures perfect fittings between filters and catheters. It also available for various dimensions to meet the unique requirements.

Stable Performance
Stable Performance

Filson self-sealing filter is made of UHMW-PE, which performs better in anti-acid, anti-alkali, flexibility and temperature compared to normal PE material.

Good Sealing

As its name suggests, Filson self-sealing filter has great air gas permeability before wetted and able to instant sealing by exposing to liquids.

High Cleanness
High Cleanness

After stringent inspection and high demanding manufacturing, Filson self-sealing filter is sterile and has high bacterial filtering efficiency up to 99.99%, ensuring no bacteria retention.

Main Features of Self-Sealing Filter

  • Great bio-compatibility to suitable for human body
  • High performance with low cost maintains
  • Comprehensive types to be used for wide range of application
  • Ultra-high level of bacteria retention efficiency up to 99.99%
  • Right structure to withstand high corrosion and temperature
  • Highly improve work efficiency and accuracy
  • Fast transportation ways including FedEx/TNT/DHL
  • Proven quality in accordance with ISO, ASTM certifications

Why Choose Filson Self-Sealing Filter

Self-Sealing Filter Production

Filson self-sealing filter adopts UHMW-PE as base material, endowing many advantages, such as excellent resistance to impact, wear and chemicals. Filson only uses high-level purity, uniform and spherical material after high temperature sintering to ensure consistence performance.

In order to reach medical standards, all Filson self-sealing filter go through strict control process, allowing our products directly contact food, drugs and implanted in the human body. And with high bacterial filtration rate up to 99%, they prevent bacterial residues on the inner wall.

Filson stays ahead in sintering technology and enjoys seasoned experience, hence we are able to produce the highest performance self-sealing filter with affordable price. As an OEM company, we support high customization to perfectly match specific equipment and applications.

If you want know more information about Filson self-sealing filter, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at Filson will never let you down and meet your unique requirements.

Self-Sealing Filter General Specifications
  • Raw material: UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)
  • Operating temperature: up to 80°C
  • Micron rating: 0.1 – 120 micron
  • Pore volume: 25 – 60%
  • Operating pressure: up to 50 kPa
  • Bacterial filtering efficiency: 99.99%
  • Virus filtering efficiency: 99.99%
  • Hydrophobic rate: as low as 0.01%
  • Air flow rate: 5 L/min @ 20 inchHg
  • Diameter: 1.8mm, 2.4mm, 2.5mm, 3.6mm, 4.4mm, 4.7mm, 7.1mm, 16mm, etc.
  • Thickness: 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 6.0mm, 9.5mm,
  • Color: white
  • MOQ: 100
  • Pipette tip
  • Arterial blood sampler
  • Suction canister
  • Dialyzed powder bag
  • IV catheter
  • Infusion filter
  • ESR pipettes
  • Vein detained needle/ Vein detained needle
  • Peripheral venous catheter
Self-Sealing Filter Manufacturer
Filson- Achieve Superior Performance with Small Footprint

Utilizing more than two decades experience, stringent inspection and professional workers, Filson is committed to providing the best and customized service for you.

Self-Sealing Filter FAQ Guide

What is the Working Principles of Self-Sealing Filter?


In the dry conditions, the polymer elastomer in self-sealing filter will not expand, so the air and other gas can pass through smoothly with high permeability. However, once self-sealing filter contacting water, the polymer elastomer will expands instantly and rapidly, blocking the pores of sintered PE filter, when the pathway closes, the water or liquid cannot pass through, hence the filter can be self-sealed.

With advanced sealing technology, Filson sintered PE filter can complete self-sealing in a short time and able to withstand high water pressure.

What Types of Medical Applications Use Self-Sealing Filter?

Self-sealing filter has wide range of applications in medical and biological fields, such as blood transfusions, dialysis, drug delivery, medical imaging, etc.

Can Self-Sealing Filter be Used With Different Types of Fluids?

Can Self-Sealing Filter be Used With Different Types of Fluids

With outstanding resistance to most chemicals and corrosion, Filson self-sealing filter has stable performance in any harsh conditions and can be used in wide range of fluids.

Can Self-Sealing Filter be Recycled?

Can Self-Sealing Filter be Recycled

It depends on the specific materials used in the filter and the recycling facilities available in customers’ area. Some self-sealing filter may be recyclable, while others may need to be disposed of as medical waste.

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