Filson Self-cleaning Drum Filters

  • Continuous, automatic operation
  • Low head loss and energy efficient
  • Automatic backwashing device
  • Stable operation and easy management
  • Energy conservation by saving water and electric
  • Available with ATEX certificate requirements

Filson self-cleaning drum filter is suitable for removing magnetic or non-magnetic particles from neat oil or emulsion. By mediating the cylindrical drum and using wedge wires or perforated filter screen, it will help you effectively clean the emulsion and remove the lubricant and detergent.

  • Material: mainly SS304 or SS316, custom available on request.
  • Applicable liquid: viscosity (<800000cps), impurity<1000ppm
  • Filtration precision: 50-5000 microns depending on the type of micro-mesh
  • Filtration efficiency: up to 90% with 30-50 microns
  • Flow rate: 20-8000 l/min of neat oil, 50-8000 l/min of emulsion
  • Designed temperature: 0-200℃(determined by the seal material)

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Self-cleaning Drum Filters

Your Reliable Self-cleaning Drum Manufacturer in China

As an optimal self-cleaning drum filter supplier in China, Filson has an excellent R&D team,  professional technical team, experienced overseas after-sales service system to help you solve any self-cleaning drum filtration problems.

The core part of Filson self-cleaning drum filter is inside rotating drum which is connected to a scraper conveyor. Filson rotary drum always has good sealing that makes dirty liquid only flow inside through the mesh. By this way, our rotary drum filter will ensure you pretty high filtration effect up to 90% with 30-50 microns.

In addition, filtration efficiency for Filson self-cleaning drum filters can be customized totally according to your needs. It is especially suitable for engineering and automotive industries, including the use of tools, abrasives, screens and cleaning to remove metal scraps.

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