Ruthenium-iridium Coated Titanium Anodes

  • Excellent electrocatalytic activity and conductivity
  • Wide shapes and sizes available for unique needs
  • High anti-corrosion property with stable performance
  • Light weight and small size for easy to install and remove
  • Longer operating time due to recoating layers
  • Environmentalfriendly due to repetitive titanium base material

Filson ruthenium-iridium coated titanium anodes is insoluble anode, which pure titanium as substrate coated with ruthenium-iridium layers. Hence our products are popular in waste water treatment, sea water electrolysis, and so on.

  • Raw material: pure titanium grade 1, titanium grade 2, purity up to 99.6%
  • Coating: ruthenium-iridium oxide
  • Coating area: both sides
  • Operating life: 3 years
  • Current density: up to 20000 A/M2
  • PH value: 1 -14
  • Temperature: up to 60°C
  • Content of fluoride ion: up to 200 PPM
  • Coating thickness: 8 micron – 12 microns
  • Shape: plate, tube, rod, mesh, or others your requirement

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Ruthenium-iridium Coated Titanium Anodes

Your Professional Ruthenium-iridium Coated Titanium Anodes Supplier in China

Filson ruthenium-iridium coated titanium anodes are fabricated with high purity titanium substrate, thus our products have good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Besides, titanium substrate is repetitive, which is environmental friendly and effective.

Accord with ASTM testing standards, Filson ruthenium-iridium coated titanium anodes shows stable in operating voltage and current, and service life up to 3 years. Through special surface treatment, our products also have accordant and smooth surface area.

Filson has more than 20 years on producing ruthenium-iridium coated titanium anodes, we have expert engineers, professional workers and advanced equipment. As an OEM company, please feel free to tell us your requirement, we enjoy well reputation among our customers.

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