Filson Rotary Drum Fine Screen

  • Very fine filtration to protect downstream membrane systems
  • Large wastewater volumes available and low headloss
  • Precise opening size control with high separation efficiency
  • Robust construction with less maintenance requirements
  • Large surface area with excellent throughput capacity

With its extensive design&manufacturing experience, Filson specialises in customising rotary drum fine screens for each special wastewater treatment system. Please send us the dimensions you require and we will design drawings for you, or we can arrange production from your existing drawings.

  • Material: SS 304, 316, 904L, 321 or as required
  • Screen Type: wedge wire screen, perforated plate screen, pleated perforated screen
  • Slot Size:5-6 mm (wedge wire screen)
  • Perforated Size: from 1.5 mm (perforated plate screen)

1-2 mm (pleated perforated screen)

  • Screen Basket Diameter: 450-3000 mm
  • Flow Rate: 1400 L/s

Note: listed above for reference only, customisation available.

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Filson Rotary Drum Fine Screen

Your Reliable Rotary Drum Fine Screen Manufacturer in China

Filson rotary drum fine screen is an ideal solution to provide fine screening in wastewater treatment. It is capable of separating unwanted solid debris from industrial or domestic wastewater easily and allowing fibrous impurities to be effectively removed.

Filson rotary drum fine screens are mainly manufactured by SS 304, 316L wedge wire screen, perforated plated screen, or pleated perforated screen, with the opening size ranging of 0.5-6 mm for wedge wire slot openings and 1-2 mm for perforated screen types.

Filson rotary drum fine screen in common design can deliver high throughput capacity with high flow rate up to 1400 L/s. Or you are recommended to choose pleated perforated screen type for 30% increase in throughput capacity with the same diameter.

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