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Filson: Your Specialist Rotary Drum Filter Manufacturer

Filson, as one of the professional rotary drum filter manufacturers in China, continuously provide different types and sizes of rotary drum filters. It mainly includes self cleaning drum filter, continuous rotary drum filter, pond drum filter, hex drum filter, etc.

Filson rotary drum filter is a kind of automated filtration systems popular used in industrial applications. You can apply them in a broad range of applications like fresh water, municipal wastewater treatment, paper production, etc.

Common material for Filson rotary drum filters are stainless steel 304 and 316L. It usually provides filtration effect based on an extensive micron rating range of 10-1000micron.

Filson Rotary Drum Filter

Filson self cleaning drum filters are used to treat magnetisable and non-magnetisable particles from neat oil and emulsion generated during the process.
Flison Continuous Vacuum Rotary Filters
Filson continuous vacuum filters are the preferred filtration solution for large volumes of suspensions. It is cost-effective and reliable that has much smaller space requirements than discontinuous separation technologies.
Filson Stainless Steel Drum Filter
Filson standards stainless steel drum filters are mainly made of stainless steel 304 or 316L. It is a compact version rotary drum filter that offers great overall stability while reducing external dimensions.
Filson Pond Drum Filter
Filson pond drum filter removes waste and other fine particles from the pond water through a miniature filter. It can initiate an automatic cleaning process by monitoring the water level in the drum.
Filson Small Rotary Filter
Filson small rotary filter is specially designed and used for aquaculture, farms and water treatment plants with high quality and longer lifespan.
Filson Hex Rotary Filter
Filson hex drum filter adopts the latest micro-screen drum filtration technology, which always performs well for particle removal from 10 to 500 microns.
Filson Rotary Vacuum Filter in Sugar Industry
Filson rotary drum filters have been used extensively in the sugar industry for more than 20 years. It is the most suitable for processing sugar cane sludge.
Filson Rotating Drum Filter in Wastewater Treatmen
Filson rotating drum filter in wastewater treatment generally uses less pretreatment chemicals and auxiliary capital equipment to address environmental effluent discharge and solids handling.
Filson Rotating Drum Filter for Aquaculture
Filson rotating drum filter for aquaculture is a mechanical and automatic cleaning filter that is high performance in water treatment systems. It deals with solids removal to reduce particle break-up, resulting in high filtration efficiency.
Filson Rotary Drum Screen
Filson manufactures all size of rotary drum screens in a wide range of micron rating. The fine particles can be effectively extracted from wastewater through slot pitch of 0.5 to 6 mm.

Why Choose Filson Rotary Drum Filter

For over a decade, Filson has been a leader in designing and manufacturing liquid/solids separation equipment which meets all industrial and municipal customers. Our rotary drum filters operate in an ever-expanding range of process and wastewater applications worldwide.

Expert process insight, outstanding customer service and high quality equipment make Filson a valuable partner throughout the project cycle.

Easy to replace filter screen: separate mesh and remove independently without affecting other filter screen

Low operation energy consumption: less than one fourth of other similar filters

High capacity: up to 420 ㎡/hr(at 90 micron)

Low labor cost: due to automatic operation

Filson: Your Outstanding Rotary Drum Filter Manufacturer

Filson rotary drum filter, also named rotary vacuum drum filter, is composed of a vacuum system and a metal drum with 1 to 20 feet long. It is an ideal filtration choice to capture slurries, flocculated suspensions, and liquids with a high proportion of solids.

Filson rotary drum filter screen replacement

As a reliable rotary drum manufacturer, Filson designs and manufactures high-performance rotary drum filter and filtration products for all industries, such as self cleaning drum filter, continuous vacuum filter, pond drum filter, small rotary filter, hex drum filter, rotary drum screen…

Compare to other rotary drum filter suppliers, Filson rotary drum filters always provide a higher filtration capacity but with smaller dimensions design. As we adopt multi-cell designs rotary filter screen that will easily form a thinner layer of contamination cake on the surface.

Filson stainless steel microscreen drum filter manufaturer

Through high washing rates and less water consumption, it can achieve higher cleanliness level and better filtration effect. Meanwhile, the important point is that rotary drum filter from Filson can totally achieve full-automatic operation to help you save overall labor cost.

rotary drum filter animation and partlist

Also, there is an exceptionally strong agitator in Filson rotary drum filter to help you effectively prevent sediment accumulated in the slurry pan, thus further lengthening your equipment lifespan. Standards Filson discharge options are including scraper discharge, belt discharge, string discharge, roller discharge and pre-coat discharge.

rotary drum filter construction for wastewater treatment industry

In addition, Filson also offers replacement rotary drum filter screen and accessories for other brands such as Hydrotech drum filter, Draco drum filter, Alar rotary vacuum drum filter, EIMCO drum filter, FREE drum filter, Filtreau drum filter, Microscreen drum filter, Burtons drum filter, etc.

rotary drum filter operation and use

From preliminary design to finial drum filter product, Filson will totally follow your specific filtration requirements and present applications. Our team of technical experts ensure that each drum filter is perfectly suitable to your system with maximum filtration performance.

rotary vacuum drum filter working principle

Please send us your fluid kinds, applications, installation apace, material request, or even ideal brands of rotary drum screen and filters, then we will quote for you immediately.

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Filson Rotary Drum Filter Function:

  • Continuous automated operation, saving operation costs
  • Separation of solids from liquids
  • Save water by intermittent flushing
  • Removal residual contaminants and protect the environment
  • Improve separation efficiency and produce maximum filtrate recovery
  • Enhance cake purity or extract liquid products by cake washing

Filson Rotary Drum Filter Feature:

  • High capacity and low labor costs
  • Fast installation, easy maintenance
  • Continuous automated operation
  • Excellent cake release and cleaning
  • Low energy consumption but large filtration
  • Small footprint: convenient operation&management

Filson Rotary Drum Filter Specification:

  • Material of construction: SS316L/304, Carbon Steel (special materials on request)
  • Particle size: 50-300 microns
  • Filtration capacity: up to 4500 l/㎡h
  • Solids throughput: up to 3500 kg/㎡h
  • Typical feed: 20%-40% w/w solids
  • Cake moisture: typically less than 45%
  • Operating pressure: ( 0.25-0.8)×10Pa for absolute pressure of the operating vacuum
  • Filtering gap: 0.25-3.0 mm( more selections available based on needs)

Filson Rotary Drum Filter Application:

  • Food&Beverage industry
  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Water treatment
  • Paper & Textile industry
  • Brewing & Beer industry
  • Mineral industry

People Also Ask?

What is the Rotary Drum Filter?

Rotary Drum Filter, also called rotary drum filter(RVDF), is one of the oldest filters used in industrial liquid-solids separation and similar to a drum lying on its side. Made up of large rotating drum covered with a piece of cloth, the rotary drum filter is of all-metal construction. And the drum is suspended axially over a tank containing a liquid/solid slurry and about 50-80% of the screen area is immersed in the slurry. One-third to one-half of the drum is submerged in mud.

How Does a Rotary Drum Filter Work?

The work of Filson RDVF is divided into multiple zones such as pick-up zone, drainage zone, washing zone, drying zone, and cake removal zone.

  1. As the drum rotates, it is immersed in the feed slurry to the required depth and vacuum is applied to those areas where the drum is submerged.
  2. The slurry is sucked through the filter media(cloth) on the drum surface which retains the solids and rotated them out of the suspension as a cake.
  3. Then, the filtrate is transferred to the receiver, while the drum leaves the drainage zone and enters the washing zone.
  4. When the filter cake is rotated out, it is dewatered in the drying zone. Finally, apply pressure to the underside of the cloth to help remove the cake.
What is the Use of Rotary Drum Filter?

Working conditions:

  • Continuous operation of large quantities of slurry
  • Considerable amounts of solids: 15-30%


  • Mineral ores such as alumina, coal, kaolin
  • Basic chemicals such as synthetic resins, waxes
  • Industrial and Municipal wastewater
  • Food such as sweeteners and starch
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics
  • Pulp & Paper manufacturing
  • Aquaculture Industry
What is the Basic Principle of a Rotary Drum Filter?

Rotary drum filter is composed of cylindrical filter membrane which is partially submerged in the slurry to be filtered. The inside of the drum is kept below ambient pressure. When the drum rotates in the slurry, the membrane draws liquid. The solids cake on the membrane surface while the drum submerged. A knife of the blade is placed there to scrape off the product from the surface.

What are the Disadvantages of Rotary Drum Filter?
  • Complicated design with many moving parts
  • Expensive due to connection accessories
  • Low washing and drying efficient because the cake is easy to crack under vacuum
  • Not suitable for filtering hot liquid
  • Pressure difference is limited to 1 bar
What is the Speed of Rotary Drum Filter?

In general, the speed of rotary drum filter is less than 1rpm.

If the speed is high, then the filtration yield and cake moisture content are also high and the wear on the filter cloth is increased. If the rotating speed is low, then cake moisture content is low, and the yield is also low.

Therefore, the rotating speed of the cylinder is too high or too low will affect the dewatering effect, the general speed scale is 0.7 ~ 1.5r/min, the detailed speed value needs to be based on the nature of sludge, dewatering policy and vacuum filter cylinder diameter and other factors in general.

How to Troubleshoot the Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter?

Bailer vent pulls a vacuum. You can drop a piece of paper near the outlet of the bailer. If the paper scrap is pulled in, the drum is leaking vacuum inside the internal pipe of the housing.

Bailer exhaust leak slurry. Slurry flowing from the bailer vent indicates a leak in the drum.

Drum runs with whistle noise. The valve spring needs to be adjusted or your wear plate needs to be replaced.

Loss of production-thinner and wetter cake. Severe valve wear can lead to such problems.

Drum filters shake and make clanking noises. This may indicate that the bearings are worn.

These are several common problems that can occur. It is best to troubleshoot your rotary drum filter and replace worn parts when the symptoms first appear, rather than waiting for a complete breakdown.

In addition, Filson can offer high-quality accessories to deal with the above problems.

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