Rigid Cell Filter

  • Robust structure ensures no influence by air velocities
  • Highly available surface with depth ratio
  • Various efficiency ranges to save cost and fit applications
  • High-density micronfine media can be fabricate
  • Excellent dust holding capacity with extended service life
  • Customized solutions provided for unique requirements

Filson rigid cell filter, also known as box air filter, replaces traditional pocket filters due to its extended surface and rigid format, which performs well in variable air volume systems. By using high grade materials, it delivers quality performance and high dust holding capacity.

  • Filter Media Materials: synthetic, fiberglass media available
  • Product Style: box style, single header construction
  • Filtration Accuracy: from 0.1μm to 100μm
  • Operating Temperature: 180°F
  • Frame or Header Material: galvanized steel
  • Air Flow: 600 cfm – 1200 cfm
  • Size: 12x24x6, 12x24x12, 24x24x6, 12x24x12, etc
  • Filter Class: MERV 10/11/13/15

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom size

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Filson Rigid Cell Filter

Best Filter Come from Best Media

Compare to conventional pleated panel air filter, Filsonrigid cell filter has deeper filtration area and sturdier frame, which allows it withstand difficult conditions including fluctuations in airflow and high-velocity airflow changes.

Usually, larger surface area means longer service life and better dust retention capacity. Filson rigid cell filter is available for customized length, sizes, and filtration rating, from 65% to 95%, can also be appointed.

As the best equipment in variable air volume (VAV) systems, Filson rigid cell filter is a popular choice in hospitals, manufacturing, industrial, food processing, shooting ranges, office buildings, etc.

Over two decades years of research and development, Filson has set the industry standard for rigid cell filter. By only using high-quality materials to fabricate media, our product will never let you down and greatly optimal your applications.

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