Filson Reverse Air Baghouse Dust Collector

  • Reducing fan energy
  • Increasing airflow capacity
  • Prolonged filter bag life
  • Decreasing the number of installed filter bags
  • High quality with a reasonable price

Filson reverses air baghouse dust collector is similar to pulse jet baghouse dust collector. It has a special design that allows reverse air to enter through the top while cleaning. With different materials of filter bags, it can be applied to various industries.

  • Bag material: polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, aramid, fiberglass, PPS, P84, PTFE
  • Filter cross-sectional shape: round, oval, envelope
  • Operating temperature: up to 260℃(upon specific material)
  • Bag number: 6-1500 (up to filtration area)
  • Airflow capacity: 300-100,000CFM
  • Filtration area: 32-1566㎡
  • Filtration rating: 0.5-200micron
  • Filtration efficiency: more than 99.9% 

Note: the above specifications are for reference only, customization is available suiting your needs

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Filson Reverse Air Baghouse Dust Collector

The Right Reverse Air Baghouse Dust Collector for the Application

In a Filson reverse air baghouse dust collector, polluted air enters through the inlet at the bottom and then passes through the inside of the filter bags. After this process, the dust is collected on the inside surface of the bag filters.

Filson reverse air baghouse dust collector has separated sections that provide the dust collector with continuous cleaning. As one section stops for cleaning, the other sections can still continue purifying the workplace air.

Though the maintenance requirements may be slightly higher, high filtration efficiency and reduced energy costs still are vital features of Filson reverse air baghouse dust collector.

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