Reticulated Filter Foam

Filson: Your Premier Reticulated Filter Foam Choice for Filtration

Filson is a professional reticulated filter foam manufacturer, we can offer reticulated filter foam open cell reticulated foam, reticulated polyurethane foam, reticulated carbon foam, reticulated polyurethane foam, and so on.

Filson reticulated filter foams are mainly made of reticulated polyurethane sponge, it is a versatile material. Filson reticulated filter foam is featured with lightweight, low density, no odor, good permeability, and high mildew resistance.

Filson reticulated filter foam has filtration, sound absorption, fluid management, padding, and special flame retardant, and other functions. Filson reticulated filter foam is widely used in automotive, heating and ventilation, air conditioning industries, aquariums, and more.

As one of the best-reticulated filter foam suppliers, Filson is dedicated to providing a one-stop solution on reticulated filter foam fabrication for our OEM clients. Filson reticulated filter foam can be formed into any dimension, color, shape, thickness to meet your demands.

Filson Reticulated Filter Foam

Open Cell Reticulated Foam
Filson open cell reticulated foam use polyurethane foam on basis of polyether and polyester as material. They are available in different PPI (pores per inch) numbers ranging from 10-120.
Reticulated Polyurethane Foam
Filson manufactures high quality reticulated polyurethane foams which have huge dust retention capacity and excellent chemical resistance.
Reticulated Polyether Foam
Filson reticulated polyether foam are fully resistant to water and humidity, so they are ideal for air or water filtration. Filson reticulated polyether foam can provide both mechanical and biological filtration.
Reticulated Polyester Foam
Filson reticulated polyester foams are used for air filtration. Furthermore, Filson reticulated polyester foam are also used in sound absorption, flame retardant and vibration damping applications.
Reticulated Carbon Foam
As a professional reticulated carbon foam manufacturer, Filson can supply reticulated carbon foam with good performance to suit your applications.
Reticulated Foam Blocks
Filson reticulated foam blocks are available in various dimension and densities as our customers requirements. Filson reticulated foam blocks have undergone strict production process and test.
Reticulated Foam Sheet
Filson is involved in producing reticulated foam sheet with high quality. Filson reticulated foam sheet can be cut to size to meet your needs.
Black Reticulated Foam
Filson can supply extensively black reticulated foam which is soft, flexible, durable, Eco-friendly, light in weight, odorless.
Blue Reticulated Foam
Filson blue reticulated foam has reticulated open cell structure, its opening ratio can reach 98%. Filson blue reticulated foam is washable and reusable.
10 PPI Reticulated Foam
Filson can produce a wide range of PPI (pores per inch) from 10 to 120. Filson 10 PPI reticulated foam can also be used as a pre filtration.
20 PPI Reticulated Foam
Filson 20 PPI reticulated foam is a coarse porosity filter with unique filtration abilities. Filson 20 PPI reticulated foam can remove most of debris out of air or liquid media.
30 PPI Reticulated Foam
Filson 30 PPI reticulated foam is a porous, permeable material. Filson 30 PPI reticulated foam is used for filtration application.
40 PPI Reticulated Foam
Filson 40 PPI reticulated foams have multiple purpose with good performance. Such as high filtration precision, low density and high tensile resistance for air and water filtration.
45 PPI Reticulated Foam
Filson 45 PPI reticulated foam is a medium filter with a less open cell structure which makes it sufficient capability for capturing waste particles.
60 PPI Reticulated Foam
Filson has full capabilities on 60 PPI reticulated foam fabrication. Filson 60 PPI reticulated foam are featured with light weight, high temperature and corrosion resistance.
80 PPI Reticulated Foam
Filson 80 PPI reticulated foam is a fine filter, it can eliminate small particulates. Filson 80 PPI reticulated foam can be cut to size and shape as your request.
100 PPI Reticulated Foam
Filson 100 PPI reticulated foam has high filtration accuracy to trap dust particles but high air flow resistance, so you can choose depending on specific application.
Reticulated Foam for Aquarium
Filson is a leading reticulated foam for aquarium manufacturer, whether for at home aquarium or large scale commercial aquariums and ponds.
Reticulated Air Filter Foam
Compared to normal paper or cotton filters, Filson reticulated air filter foam has more uniform porosity, higher filtration efficiency, and lower air low restriction.
Reticulated Foam for Puppets
Filson reticulated foam for puppets are soft, flexible, durable and more. For these outstanding characteristic, Filson reticulated foam are suitable for puppets application.
Reticulated Foam for Fuel Tanks
Filson reticulated foam for fuel tanks has prominent static dissipation, anti-splash and flame retardant properties. Our MOQ is 50 pieces.

Why Choose Filson Reticulated Filter Foam

Filson adopts developed technology and advanced equipment to supply reticulated filter foam with prominent properties. Filson reticulated filter foam is non-toxic, odorless, washable, and reusable. From these aspects, Filson can help you reduce costs overall.

As one of the best-reticulated filter foam manufacturers in China, Filson provides excellent reticulated filter foam at a competitive price. Filson can also supply perfect after-sales service. So you can trust Filson as your reticulated filter foam supplier with no worries.

If you have any questions about Filson reticulated filter foam, feel free to contact us. Some relevant photos and videos can be provided for you to know your accurate needs, and Filson’s expertise engineer will offer you a suitable one.

Filson Reticulated Filter Foam Catalog

Filson: Eminent Reticulated Filter Foam Manufacturer and Supplier for Worldwide

Filson is one of the premier reticulated filter foam manufacturers, since we have full capabilities on reticulated filter foam fabrications, we could tell you how to combine appropriate features into Filson reticulated filter foam, as well as competitive price.

30 PPI Reticulated Foam Sheet

30 PPI Reticulated Foam Sheet

The reticulation process of foam occurs under strictly controlled conditions all the time. whether blocks or rolls can be reticulated in the Filson reactor chamber, the foam abounded with hydrogen and oxygen. Then, only a spark can cause a controlled explosion, making the cell windows strip of the foam. This process creates an open cell structure, which makes the foam suitable as a base for filter material.

In advance, reticulation is a post-process in the foam manufacturing process that removes the window membranes of the cell under a precise control process. Because the reticulated structure gives a large surface area with 97% void volume for huge dust retention.

Filson reticulated filter foam, which is a reticulated open pore structure, uses polyurethane foam based on polyether and polyester as material, Filson reticulated filter foam does not swell when in contact with water, soaps, acid, alkali, detergents, or other chemicals.

35 PPI Black Reticulated Foam Block

35 PPI Black Reticulated Foam Block

Filson reticulated filter foam has a homogeneous pore structure and even cell size. The more PPI counts, the greater porous density, which means high filtration capacity. By changing its pore size, Filson reticulated filter foam can be produced for pressure drop and filtration accuracy.

Filson reticulated filter foam has a huge dust retention capacity which can capture dust particles or other debris. Filson designs and fabricates reticulated filter foam in vast fields including water treatment, exhaust gas treatment, medical industries, HVAC systems, and other applications.

Blue Reticulated Foam for Air and Water Filtration

Blue Reticulated Foam for Air and Water Filtration

Filson can custom reticulated filter foam as your requirement. Particularly, Fison reticulated filter foam can be processed into cylindrical, rectangular, and other shapes, while PPI ranges from 10 to 120 to meet your accurate application.

On the other hand, Filson provides high-quality reticulated filter foam at a reasonable price. Filson reticulated filter foam will be delivered within 15 days once the order is confirmed. Filson can also supply you with a perfect after-sale service.

Furthermore, Filson reticulated filter foam is compressive, permeable, high temperature and corrosion-resistant, durable, cleanable, and recyclable. So Filson is your best choice for filtration whether at home or at business.

As an ISO 9001 certified reticulated filter foam supplier, Filson controls the manufacturing process of reticulated filter foam strictly. We can follow up with different standards such as CE, SGS according to your demands.

Reticulated Foam Aquarium Manufacturer

Reticulated Foam Aquarium Manufacturer

If you have the need for reticulated filter foam, Filson will always be here to supply you with a suitable one.

More details to be known in the following ways:

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Filson Reticulated Filter Foam Function

  • Improve the filtration efficiency by varying PPI numbers
  • Remove the particles, solids, and other contaminants of the passing air and fluids
  • Can be used as a pre-filter
  • Air or water filtration, sound absorption, sealing, wiping, padding, etc
  • Provide remarkable reticulated filter foam at a competitive price
  • Design and build the most stable construction to avoid unnecessary malfunction

Filson Reticulated Filter Foam Feature:

  • High filtration efficiency and capacity
  • Good permeability
  • High tensile and elongation resistance
  • Outstanding flexibility and durability
  • Excellent temperature and chemical resistance

Reticulated Foam for Fuel Tanks

Reticulated Foam for Fuel Tanks

Filson Reticulated Filter Foam Specification:

  • Material: polyurethane foam on basis of polyether or polyester
  • Type: open-cell reticulated foam, reticulated carbon foam, 10-100 ppi reticulated foam, …
  • Color: black, blue, white, red…
  • Size: at your request
  • Shape: rectangular, square, or others to meet your demands
  • Filtration efficiency: 95%
  • Pores size: 0.3um
  • Applicable Medium: air, water, or other liquid…
  • MOQ: 50 pieces

Filson Reticulated Filter Foam Application:

  • Filtration: (like lawnmowers) air compressors, face masks, vacuum cleaners, dust bags, electrical equipment, and more.
  • Sound absorption: from aircraft to microwaves, vacuum cleaners, and other industrial equipment.
  • Fluid management:  medical devices, cosmetic applicators, etc.
  • Cleaning products: sponges, wipes, rags, scrubbing pads, etc.
  • Daily usage: paint brushes, powder puffs, blackboard erasers, microphones, windscreens, and many others.

People Also Ask

What Is Reticulated Foam?

“Reticulated” means like a net, Filson reticulated foam has a uniform reticulated aperture with an open-cell structure of up to 98% porosity. Its main production process contains two steps. First, you need to construct a conventional (closed cell) polyurethane foam, then cell windows (faces) are removed. It sounds very simple, in fact, it is a complex process.

What Is Reticulated Foam

Reticulated Foam

Filson reticulated foam includes two methods to remove cell membranes. Closed-cell foam is either filled with a combustible gas like hydrogen, then ignited under controlled conditions, or it is exposed to a sodium hydroxide solution to chemically degrade the foam which will remove cell windows while retaining the edges.

How Is Reticulated Foam Made?

Filson reticulated foam is made of polyurethane foam on basis of polyether and polyester. Generally, polyether foam is not affected by water or humidity, Filson reticulated polyether foams are suitable for air and water filtration. While Filson reticulated polyester foams are mainly used for air filtration.

How Is Reticulated Foam Made

What is Reticulated Foam Used For?

Filson reticulated foam is a versatile, open-cell material that is lightweight, low odor, and is highly resistant to mildew.

It is typically used to make products that are involved infiltration, sound absorption, fluid management, wiping, and padding.

Is Reticulated Foam Firm?

Yes, Filson reticulated foam is a great high-quality foam with a solid and firm structure, its firm stiffness and moderately high density make it durable with long service life. In addition, it is suitable for outdoor cushions fabrication which allows for quick drainage and optimal air circulation.

Is Reticulated Foam Firm

The solid component of Filson reticulated foam may be an organic polymer like polyurethane foam, ceramic, and so on. These materials are widely used in a wide range of applications where high porosity and large surface area are needed. One of the most common applications is filtration.

Where To Buy Reticulated Foam?

It’s not easy to find a reliable reticulated filter foam manufacturer at a reasonable price. Filson is the right one for you. As an experienced reticulated filter foam supplier, Filson can custom reticulated filter foam according to your final application.

Where To Buy Reticulated Foam

With over 15 years of rich experience in reticulated foam manufacturing, Filson gets a good reputation for our high-quality product and responsible pre- and after-sale service. Since we have the full capability of Filson reticulated foam fabrication, Filson can tell you how to combine appropriate features into them.

What Foam is Used for Air Filter?

Filson reticulated foams use polyurethane sponges as air cleaner filters. Filson reticulated air filter foam can remove the unwanted air contaminants and particulates.

Filson reticulated foam filters are made up of tiny interlocking cells that prevent the passage of dirt particles and distribute these throughout the entire volume of the foam.

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