Filson Replacement Lenticular Filter

  • Available in a wide variety of lenticular-filter elements for your choice
  • High quality replacement lenticular filter suitable for your application
  • Large dirt holding capacity, low pressure differential at high flow rates
  • Simple to operate and maintain, less maintenance requirements
  • Robust construction structure, small volume, long service life
  • Competitive price to lower your overall costs

Filson can supply replacement lenticular filter of many leading brands with the same quality, like Scoot Labs lenticular filter, Pall lenticular filter, Ertelalsop lenticular filter, Gw kent lenticular filter and so on.

  • Material of housing: stainless steel 316L, sanitary weld
  • Module material: activated carbon, diadomaceous earth
  • Micron rating: 40-60micron
  • Module configuration: flat basket or double o-ring
  • Material of separator: polypropylene, polyamide
  • Maximum working temperature: 140ºC(284℉)
  • Maximum working pressure: 10bar(liquid pressure only)
  • Connection tri-clamp: inlet/outlet 1.5”TC; gauge port 1.5”TC; drain outlet 1.0”TC;

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, more details to be known by consulting Filson.

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Filson Replacement Lenticular Filter

A Trustworthy  Replacement Lenticular Filter  Supplier in China

With profound knowledge and rich manufacturing experience, Filson can produce replacement lenticular filter which has the same high quality and properties as that of those leading brands. We have gained thousands of good reviews from our customers for our high quality products.

High dirt holding capacity, high quality material, high flow rate and other merits of Filson replacement lenticular filters are equally proved. But Filson will provide you a rather competitive price. A much more competitive price but the same properties, why not choose Filson?

In addition, if you want a part of Filson lenticular filter to fit your application of those leading brands, we are glad to help you. We can also offer you answers of related technological questions and a customized solution.

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