Filson Replacement High Purity Gas Filters

  • High purity gas filter supporting your business
  • 100% interchangeable with your original gas filter
  • Excellent balance to ensure gases flow at the proper velocity
  • Maximum filter surface area to optimize particle collection potential
  • Outstanding quality to withstand high temperature and corrosion

Filson engineers replace high-purity gas filters for semiconductor manufacturers in the industry. The ultra-performed equipment not only protects the important components in the system but also removes the risk brought by the impurities.

  • Manufacturing material: Stainless steel, nickel, Hastelloy
  • Max operation temperature: Up to 450°C
  • Purification efficiency: 99.9999999%
  • Filtration accuracy: > = 0.0015 µm
  • Gas flow rates: 1 – 200,000 slpm
  • Filter form: square, sheet, cylinder
  • Filter housing material: Stainless steel, Hastelloy

Note: Specifications above can be customized at Filson, please contact us today.

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Filson Replacement High Purity Gas Filters

Your Dependable Replacement High Purity Gas Filters Supplier in China

Filson is an expert in the filtration field for over 20 years and aims at constructing the best filter for all our customers around the world. We customize an ideal solution for filtration for semiconductor manufacturing. And our replacement high purity gas filters are formed to remove moisture, particles, acids, bases, refractory compounds, and organic molecules in the gas purification system.

In addition to the standard type of gas filter, Filson also provides replacement products of other leading brands, such as Mott high purity gas filters and Pall process gas filtration series. You are guaranteed to receive a product carrying the same even exceeding quality and performance compared with your original one.

Filson replacement gas filters experience a strictly controlled sintering process, so the final product is powerful enough to resist high pressure and has a robust structure for longer service life which will save costs to some extent.

If you are interested in a Filson replacement high purity gas filter, please feel free to contact us immediately and we are happy to help.

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