Replacement Filter Element Manufacturer

Filson has been providing high-quality and cost-effective replacement filter elements for more than 20 years. All products meet your needs in terms of sizes and materials.

  • Various brands’ replacement available
  • Customized materials, sizes and types
  • Short production period
  • Reliable and quick delivery

What is Replacement Filter Element

Filson replacement filter element offers an economical solution to replace your worn or malfunctioned filter elements.

Having advanced technology, professional technicians and skilled workers, Filson has the provide you high-quality replacement filter elements. Besides, our replacement filter element will have the same characteristics as leading brands in terms of filtration efficiency, sizes, lifespan, etc.

Filson replacement filter element has many types of other leading brands, like water filter element, compressed air filter element, fuel filter element, oil filter element, etc. They will better meet your needs on both industrial and commercial applications.

Replacement Filter Element Categories-MOQ10PCs

Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement 

Filson hydraulic filter element replacement can be manufactured with different materials and sizes to fit various applications. Hydraulic filter element replacement, especially high pressure hydraulic filter element, has high pressure resistance up to 420 bar.

Industrial Water Filter Cartridge Replacement

Filson industrial water filter cartridge replacement has large flow rate capacity with maximum lenfth up to 6000mm. With customized materials and advanced fabricating technology, our products have same features as leading brands industrial water filter cartridges.

Dust Collector Filter Replacement

Having excellent dust removal efficiency up to 99.97%, Filson dust collector filter replacement can be widely used in textile, thermal power, pharmaceutical or other industries. Mainly fabricated in pleated, Filson dust collector filter replacement has large surface area and higher permeability.

Compressed Air filter Element Replacement

Filson compressed air filter element replacement is applied to remove dust, bacteria, water from compressed air. With customized length up to 50’’, the flow capacity of our filter element can even reach 3600m3/h.

Pool Filter Cartridge Replacement

Featuring in strong mechanical strength and high acid and alkali resistance, Filson pool filter cartridge replacement is suitable for swimming pool, hot tub, aquarium, etc. Having various types, like type A/C, type B or type D, our filter cartridge can meet your needs better.

Sintered Metal Filter Replacement

Generally made of SS 304 and 316 through a sintering process, Filson metal filter replacement can withstand high temperature up to 650℃ and work normally under harsh condition like acid or alkali. Besides, sintered metal filter cartridge has larger capacity and a competitive price.

Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement Brand (15)

  • Boll&Kirch Filter Element
    Having more than 6000 filter replacement resources, Filson can provide you high-quality Boll&Kirch filter replacement according to your requirements. With micron rating ranging from 5 micron to 2000 micron, it is popular in filtering hydraulic oil, seawater and chemical fluids.
  • Hydac Filter Elements
    Filson often uses Buna-N as seals material, and Hydac filter elements offer a superior filtration efficiency and low differential pressure. In addition, Filson Hydac filter elements has good corrosion and heat resistance as well as wear resistance.
  • Argo-Hytos Filter Elements
    Made of SS 304, glass fiber or paper, Filson Argo-Hytos filter elements have strong mechanical strength to withstand high heat and corrosion condition. Its has high filtration efficiency of 99.5% for all particles in hydraulic and lubrication oils.
  • Internormen Filter Elements
    Filson Internormen filter elements are used to remove solid particles and gelatinous substances in liquids. The micron rating of Internormen filter elements is between 2 and 100 micron, and it can withstand high temperature up to 135℃.
  • Mahle Filter Elements
    With high filtration efficiency up to 99.9%, Filson Mahle filter elements can effectively remove dust, soot and particles even under heat, cold or high-contamination conditions. It offers various applications including petroleum, chemical and automobile industry.
  • MP Filtri Filter Elements
    With customized sizes to fit your filtration system, Filson MP Filtri filter elements have large flow rate up to 500 l/min. Our MP Filtri filter elements have outstanding temperature resistance up to 280℃ and high pressure resistance of 210 bar in hydraulic liquid.
  • Parker Filter Elements
    The filtration precision of Filson Parker filter elements ranges from 1 micron to 100 microns, typically 10 micron. Filson Parker filter elements have standard length, diameter or other specifications, which can be directly interchangeable with original filter elements.
  • Indufil Replacement Filter Element
    There are many materials for you choose to manufacture Filson Indufil replacement filter element, such as zinc-plated carbon, stainless steel alloys, glassfibre, etc. It can filter small particle down to 1 micron, and its efficiency can reach 99.9% at 1 micron in liquids filtration.
  • Filtrec Filter Elements
    Filson Filtrec filter elements are usually designed into pleated, and it has huge dirt-holding capacity up to 3000 m3/h. The raw materials of Filtrec filter elements mainly are glassfiber and paper, and it is an economical solution for your filtration system.
  • Rexroth Filter Element
    Filson Rexroth filter elements mainly contain multiple layers in order to obtain larger surface area and 50% more dirt-holding capacity. Without any chemical additive like zinc, there will be no pollution on filtering liquids and prolong filter elements’ service life.
  • Taisei Kogyo Filter Elements
    Mainly made of stainless steel material, Filson Taisei Kogyo filter elements can withstand high corrosion, heat and pressure conditions. Certified by ISO standard, you can use it confidently in textile, electronics and pharmaceutical, metallurgy, petrochemical or other industries.
  • Pall Filter Elements
    Filson Pall filter elements have multiple micron rating ranging from 1 to 200 micron and multiple cartridge length, as well as large surface area. Except for standard outside diameter of 2.5’’, you can also select your wanted sizes.
  • Donaldson Filter Elements
    Filson can manufacture many types of Filson Donaldson filter elements to fit for a wide range of gas and liquid filtration applications. Our Donaldson filter elements have outstanding filtration efficiency more than 99.9% at 5 microns.
  • Vickers Filter Elements
    Available with customized raw materials, micron ratings and sizes, Filson Vickers filter elements have outstanding features, like huge dirt-holding capacity and high filtration efficiency. Our products can be cleaned easily, so you can use it for many times with a competitive price.
  • Eaton Filter Element
    Compare with other filter elements, Filson Eaton filter element can resist both low and high pressure better. According to your specific needs, we can provide suitable Eaton filter elements types, such as pressure/return-line and in-line filter elements or easy-fit filter elements.

Industrial Water Filter Cartridge Replacement Brand (5)

  • Parker Water Filter Cartridge 
    Filson Parker water filter cartridge replacement is mainly made of polypropylene or stainless steel for good chemical and corrosion resistance. With fine micron rating down to 0.2 micron, Filson Parker water filter cartridge has better performance on capturing most small particles.
  • 3M Water Filter Cartridge 
    As a leading water filter cartridge supplier in China, Filson 3M water filter cartridge can effectively reduce unwanted taste or odor in water. With longer lifespan around 6 months, our product is your best choice in food&beverage, municipal or well water and other applications.
  • Pall Water Filter Cartridge
    Since Filson provides customized service on making Pall water filter cartridge, you can choose PP, PES or nylon as raw materials. Utilizing advanced hot melt welding technology, our filter cartridge will reduce leakage or secondary pollution as well as offering high efficiency up to 99.99%.
  • Aqua Filter Replacement Cartridge
    One outstanding feature of Filson Pentair water filter cartridge is huge dirt-holding capacity, up to three times of similar size cartridges. With high porosity design and carbon block as main filter material, it has high flow rate of 10 GPM.
  • Filson Aqua filter replacement cartridge is ideally used to remove taste, odor or other sediments in most domestic or industrial applications. It is best compatible with most RO system and has high flow rate up to 45 gpm.

Replacement Filter Element Outstanding Benefits

Longer Lifespan
Longer Lifespan

Filson replacement filter elements is easy to clean and reuse for many times. Hence it has more than 25% longer life than conventional ones.

Strong Mechanical Strength
Strong Mechanical Strength

Made of standard materials, especially through a sintering process, Filson replacement filter elements have rigid structure and not easy to deform.

Reliable and Quick Delivery
Reliable and Quick Delivery

Since Filson has good relationship with DHL/UPS/TNT/Fedex, you can receive product as soon as possible.

Huge Dirt-holding Capacity
Huge Dirt-holding Capacity

With pleated and multi-layer design, the capacity of our replacement filter element can be significantly increased up to 5 times.

OEM&ODM Replacement Filter Element

Filson provide OEM, ODM and customized services for all types of filter elements. These filters are ideal for use in industrial applications such as power generation, fluid power/hydraulic, injection molding, wind turbine and racing industries.

We have strong technical force and advanced testing equipment to ensure the quality of each product. Meanwhile, all Filson filter replacement cartridges are produced to be interchangeable with original equipment manufacturer filter elements, but with a more competitive price and quick delivery time.

Whether you need a product customized to your specifications or prefer to work with industry-standard designs, Filson handle all aspects of your supply chain through our long-term replacement filter manufacturing database and network.

Advantages of Replacement Filter Element
Main Features of Replacement Filter Element

Main Features of Replacement Filter Element

  • Various materials from stainless steel to plastic
  • Durable with longer lifespan up to 2 years
  • Maximum differential pressure depending on filter media up to 210 bar
  • Better sealing structure, minimal product loss
  • Outstanding filtration efficiency up to 99.99%
  • Robust construction, good mechanical strength
  • Easy to install, replace and operate
  • Excellent temperature range between -200℃ and 650℃

Replacement Filter Element General Material

Based on your unique application, you can choose proper material to manufacture replacement filter element:

  • Polypropylene(PP)
  • Polyester
  • Other plastic like polyethersulfone(PES) , polyvinylidene fluoride, Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • Stainless steel 304, 316L
  • Stainless steel alloys
  • Fiber glass
  • Polyfibre
  • Paper
Replacement Filter Element General Material

Why Choose Filson Replacement Filter Element

Filson Custom Replacement Filter Element
Filson Replacement Filter Element OEM&ODM

Filson replacement filter elements, with the same sizes as brands’, are not only just “look-alike”, but also suitable for your filter housing with better performance. We are not only a filter element supplier but also the number one technical support and OEM service provider.

Having professional workers and the latest technology, Filson has the ability to offer you high-quality replacement filter element. As long as you send us filter sizes, drawing of other brands, we can quote for you immediately.

In addition, as a leading replacement filter element factory in China, Filson provides techncial support and one-stop solution for your business. We can design the filter element to ensure smooth running of your plant.

If you want a high-quality and high-efficiency customized replacement filter element, Filson must be your best choice!

Replacement Filter Element Specifications
  • Construction Material: stainless steel, rubber, plastic, fiber glass…
  • Filtration Efficiency: up to 99.99%
  • Operating Temperature: -200℃ – 650℃
  • Operating Pressure: up to 420 bar
  • Micron Rating: from 0.01 to 1000 micron(typically 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100 microns)
  • Common Length: up to 6000mm
  • Flow Rate: up to 45GPM
  • Differential Pressure: up to 210 bar(depending on different filter media)
  • Structural Strength: up to 21Mpa
  • End Cap Material: silicone, stainless steel, Buna-N, fluorocarbon

Different filter element has different usage. Filson replacement filter element can be widely used by commercial, industrial and residential customers with the highest cleanliness level.

Main applications are as following:

  • Domestic and industrial Water treatment
  • Oil and gas filtration
  • Food&beverage
  • Photoelectron chemical filtration
  • Chemicals and solvents
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paintings
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system
Replacement Filter Element Manufacturer
Filson- Your Reliable Replacement Filter Element Supplier in China

Thousands of different brands filter element replacements. High quality certified by ISO with an economical price. 20+ years’ manufacturing experience.

Replacement Filter Element: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for an ultimate replacement filter element guide?

If yes, then look no further.

In this guide, we take a look at all the essential aspects that you would like to understand concerning a replacement filter element.

So, what are these aspects?

Here, you will learn about the popular brands available as well as the ideal situation that can make you replace your filter element.

Let’s get straight to it.

What is a Replacement Filter Element?

A replacement filter element is a filter element that you need when the filter element of your filter gets worn out or blocked after a period time of using.

There are a couple of reasons that may cause your filter element to get worn out.

Filter element

Figure 1 Filter Element – Photo courtesy: COLE PARMER

Continuous usage of the worn out or blocked filter element may affect your filtration process such as not effectively removing all the contaminants.

To minimize this, you need to find another filter element to replace the worn-out filter element.

This replacement is what is known as a replacement filter element.

It is not all the time that you will seek to replace your filter element.

Certain circumstances will force you to replace your filter element.

Among the main circumstances that you need to look out for include the following:

i. A high PSI

An increase in the pressure reading of your filter is an indication of an increase in tension within your filter.

The main reason for the rise in pressure is an increase of contaminant accumulationsin the filter element.

Pressure measurement

Pressure measurement

For basket strainers and some stainless steel filter elements, you might assume that you can remove the contaminants by washing the filter element which partly can reduce the pressure.

However, if after cleaning the pressure is still high, it means it is time to replace your filter element.

For many filter elements, they are single-use and only could be replaced when they are blocked.

ii. End caps that are cracked

The ends of your filters usually have plastic covers which act as bookends squeezing the filter element which becomes compact.

These plastic covers usually are high duty plastic material.

Filter element end cap configurations

Filter element end cap configurations – Photo courtesy: EX HOT TUBS

However, using it for longer tia me makes end cap fragile.

When you notice that these covers have started cracking or chipping away, then it is a high time that you replace your filter element.

Using your filter while the cover is damaged may cause failure of your application as a result of pieces of the plastic circulating in the filter.

iii. Flattening of the creases

Another consideration that may lead you to change your filter element is when you notice that the ridges of your filter element are flattening.

The primary cause of this flattening is the filter element becoming saturated with contaminants.

Oil filter element

Oil filter element

The saturation makes it impossible for the flow of your fluid through the filter which will affect the filtration process.

As such, you need to replace your filter when you notice such an occurrence.

iv. Having tattered filter material

Several causes can cause your filter material to be tattered.

They include pressure, wear and tear as well as the aging factor of your filter.

But how do you notice your filter material is tattered?

You can see this when your fabric has a “furry” or holes kind of appearance on the surface.

Worn out filter cartridge

Worn out filter element

The “furry” is as a result of the tiny fibers tearing apart and becoming straight at the end.

When tattering occurs, it may cause your filter to have holes which will allow contaminants to flow through your fluid.

The effect of this is that your filtration process is affected.

You, therefore, need to replace your filter element when your filter starts having a tattered fabric.

v. Having a crushed filter

A crushed filter arises from the inner core of your filter collapsing.

As you will notice, the main component of the inner core of your filter is a plastic or steel reinforcement which supports the creases.

This prevents the creases from collapsing.

When this inner core collapses, then the ridges will automatically not hold up resulting in a flattened filter.

Filter element

Filter element – Photo courtesy: FORD

The cause of the inner core collapsing includes cracks on the walls, having a low filter or using a filter that is smaller than the application.

When you notice that you have a filter that is collapsing, you need to replace your filter element to ensure the efficiency of your filtration.

vi. The decrease in the flow rate of your fluid

When you notice that the flow of your fluid is slowing down, it is an indication that you need to replace your filter element.

The reason for the slowing down is due to the contaminants that clog up on the filter element.

Flow rate

Flow rate – Photo courtesy: Machinery and Lubrication

As this happens, there is a limitation on the flow of the fluid which limits the filtration process of your application.

To ensure that there is continuity in the filtration process, you need to change the filter element once you notice a decrease in the flow of the fluid.

Popular Brands That Replacement Filter Elements Are Mainly Interchange To:

Now, a time, you will feel like replacing the current filter element you’re using.

Well, what should you do?

We all know that original filter elements from Parker, Pall, Eaton, Vickers, Hydac, Donaldson, Stauff, Hilco, Bosch, Indufil, Boll & Kirch, Hypro, MP, Argo Hytos or Internormen can be very expensive.

Therefore, you need to find a cost-effective solution.

No problem, FilSon Filters offer better replacement filter elements for your hydraulic system.

The good news:

You don’t have to worry about finding the original filter element from Parker, Hydac or any other brand.

FilSon replacement filter elements are of high quality, same specifications, and dimensions.

You can use them to successfully replace the original brand elements.

However, to get a suitable replacement filter element, you should provide the following:

  • Original brand of the filter element
  • Part number of the filter element
  • Dimensions of the filter element such as Boll-1340006, Hydac-1300BN/RF, etc.

With this information, FilSon Filters will successfully produce a replacement filter element to meet the exact specification of the original brand.

Remember, in any hydraulic system, saving cost on original brand filter elements is important.

It is a sure way for you to remain competitive in the dynamic market.

Depending on your replacement filter element replacement needs, FilSon uses appropriate cross-reference.

Take for example, below is Parker filters cross reference:

Cross reference

Cross reference

Why replacement filter element cross reference chart?

Let me use Figure 8 above to explain:

Left is parker original part number, while on the right is Filtrec producing replacement Pall filter element part number.

At FilSon Filters, we also produce a cross reference chart like the one you can see in Figure 8 above.

That is, on the left you’ll have Parker part No. and on the right is Filson part No.

Like for the case of our examples above:

When customers want to buy Parker-909296, they search this chart, and tell Filtrec they need part R590T25.

Then Filtrec will know they are using Parker -909296 elements, and want to buy a replacement from Filtrec.

Well, that’s the same scenario here at FilSon Filters.

At FilSon Filters, you will get a replacement filter element that is functionally and dimensionally interchangeable to the original brand.

Just in case you need a cross reference for any filter element, send us an email

What is Filter Element Cross Reference?

Having a suitable filter element for your filter can sometimes be a tough choice to make particularly when you don’t have a clue of filters.

But with filter element cross reference, you don’t have to be worried.

Basically, an oil filter element cross-reference refers to a chart that will help you while choosing the perfect filter element for your filter.

But what will a filter element cross-reference serve and how will you use it when selecting a filter element?

Here is a look at the answers to these questions.

Cross reference chart

Cross reference chart – Photo courtesy: Baldwin Filters

Functions of Filter Element Cross Reference

There are several functions that a filter element cross-reference can serve when you are selecting a filter element.

Among the primary purposes of your filter element cross-reference include the following:

· Assists in accurate decision making when purchasing a filter element

By having a filter element cross reference chart, you will be able to select a filter element that fits your filter correctly.

You will be able to take perfect steps when choosing a filter element including the premium prospects of a filter element.

You will also be able to get knowledge on customizing your filter element.

· Provides information on filter elements

A filter element cross-reference offers you all the relevant information that you need about a filter element.

Such information will be vital in identifying quality filter elements which can be instrumental in ensuring an efficient filtration system.

Of the information that you can find in the filter element cross reference chart includes excellent efficiency of various filter elements.

You can also see the dirt holding capacity of various filter elements as well as the beta ratings of the filter elements.

For instance, information in the dirt holding capacity can be instrumental in choosing a filter element that will serve you for a specific duration before cleaning.

· Cost decisions

One of the considerations that you have to make before purchasing a filter element is the cost factor.

Depending on your budget, you can pick a filter element of your choice.

To help you in making that decision, you can have a filter element cross reference chart.

The chart details the various types of filter elements as well as their costs and efficiency.

Generally, the higher the cost, the more detailed a filter element is regarding dependability.

Also, a detailed filter element probably means that there will be no need for regular maintenance.

Among the information that you can obtain from this to manage the cost include the component model number and the description of the vehicles.

You will also fund the media type for filtration, the filtration efficiency as well as the Beta ratings.

All in all, you need to ensure that you get value for your money.

A filter element cross-reference can help you achieve this purpose.

How to Use Filter Element Cross Reference in Replacement Process

The biggest question that I usually get is ways of using a filter element cross-reference. Actually, this chart is simple to use.


Cross reference chart

Cross reference chart  – Photo courtesy: PROINSAR

Here is a look at how you will use a filter element cross reference chart include the following

The central aspect of a filter element cross-reference is the different brands available for the replacement filter element.

Also, in the chart, there are various prizes of each brand as well as the dimensions of the brands.

You will also note that there is a column for the compatibility of the different brands of the replacement filter element and the filters.

What you have to do is to match the specification of your filter to the different brands and pick a brand that is compatible with your filter.

Once you do that, you can select a replacement filter element that fits your budget.

How to Choose Suitable Replacement Filter Element

There are a couple of considerations that you need to factor before selecting a replacement filter for your application.

Let’s have a look at each of these considerations and how they affect the choice of your replacement filter element.

1. Brand of Replacement Filter Element

There are a couple of brands of a replacement filter element that you can pick for your filter.

However, not all these brands are suitable for your filter.

When selecting a replacement filter element, you need to consider the brand of the replacement filter element.

An effective brand is one that can offer you an effective and durable service for your filter.

Also, you need to ensure that the filter element will fit well on your filter as well as ensuring that the brand has a warranty.

A warranty will ensure that you can return for consideration in case of any malfunction.

2. Efficiency Filtration Rating

Efficiency filtration rating refers to how effective you want the filtration of your application.

Efficiency filtration rating depends on a variety of factors.

Such factors include how fine you want your filtration as well as the type of contaminants that you wish to remove from your fluid.

The primary consideration in ensuring that you have an efficient filtration rating is by checking on the size of your filter element mesh.

That is to mean if you want a higher efficient filtration rating for your application, you will have to select a filter element with finer mesh.

Likewise, if you want a lower efficient filtration rating, you can have a filter element with a large mesh.

3. Replacement Filter Technology

There are different technologies that you can find in different brands of replacement filter elements.

The more complicated the technology, the higher the cost of it.

However, the more complex the technology, the better it is for your filtration process.

For instance, you can find a self- cleaning filter element which can be advantageous to your filtration process.

Of important is that you need to ensure that whichever technology that you select is compatible with your filter.

Factoring the technology when choosing your replacement filter element is critical especially when you are considering the cost element.

4. Type of Filter fluid

The type of filter fluid determines the replacement filter element that you can select for your filter.

Different filtration fluid may warranty different filtration element.

Partly this is because of the viscosity of the fluid and the level f contamination of the fluid.

The thickness of the fluid refers to the ease of flow of your fluid.

If your fluid has a high viscosity, you need to select a filter element that has finer mesh to facilitate the flow as well as the filtration.

On the other hand, the level of contamination will also affect the choice of a filter element for your filter.

You need a filter element that will filter all the contaminants available on your fluid.

5. Compatibility of Replacement Filter Element

In as much as you have different brands of replacement filter element not all of them can be compatible with your filter and by extension your application.

Compatibility may be regarding the size fittings of your filter as well as the part fittings.

You need to ensure that you have the correct size of your replacement filter for the filter.

This will ensure that they fit correctly on your filter as well as your application.

It will also ensure that you have tightened your filter element securely unto your filter which ensures that it functions properly.

Proper part fittings are where you ensure that each component of the filter element fit correctly to the respective segment of your filter.

By doing this, you prevent any leaks from occurring thereby ensuring maximum filtration of your fluid.

6. Temperature Rating

As a factor, the temperature ratings of your fluid will play an essential role in the choice of your filter element.

You can have different temperature ratings for different temperature ratings.

Temperature ratings are particularly important when considering the temperature of your application as well as that of your fluid.

If your fluid and your application are of higher temperature, you will need to select a replacement filter of a higher temperature rating.

Likewise, if your application and fluid have a lower temperature, then you will need a replacement filter element of lower temperature ratings.

Temperature ratings are vital in selecting a perfect replacement filter element for your filter to minimize chances of it becoming ineffective quickly.

7. Pressure Rating

Another consideration is the pressure rating of the replacement filter element.

By now you need to understand that the filtration process depends on pressure for it to function correctly.

The pressure will have a tearing effect on your filter element ads a result of the force.

As such, you need to select the correct pressure rating for your filter element.

A correct pressure rating is one which can withstand the pressure of your fluid thereby preventing rupture of the filter element.

You can have different pressure ratings depending on the pressure of your fluid.

8. Retention Efficiency

The ability of your replacement filter element to hold all the contaminants during filtration is an important consideration when selecting a filter element.

Differentreplacement filter elements have different retention efficiency.

Part of this is the level of filtration that you want to achieve for your application.

This implies that if you wish to have a high filtration of your fluid, then you will have to pick a replacement filter element with a higher retention efficiency.

However, you need to ensure that your replacement filter element has the correct retention efficiency.

By having the proper retention efficient, you can comfortably filter your fluid which ensures that your application functions properly.

9. Dimensions

Dimension mainly refers to the size and nature of your filter element that is, regarding the height, length, and width of the replacement filter element.

When you are selecting the replacement filter element, you have to consider these dimensions.

Of importance is to ensure that the width and the length, as well as the height of the replacement filter element, fits its position on the application.

Filter element dimensions

 Filter element dimensions

This will ensure that the replacement filter element fits and functions properly on the application.

Having a replacement filter element that is not of the correct may lead to malfunctioning of your filter and financial loss on your part.

10. Contamination Holding Capacity

You need to ensure that the replacement filter element has sufficient contaminants holding capacity before purchasing it.

You don’t need a filter element that will require frequent maintenance to remove the contaminants since this will interfere with the operations of your application.

Depending on the size of your application and the volume of your filtration, you can have different filter elements with various capacities.

Whichever filter element that you select, you will have to ensure that it sufficiently holds the contaminants long enough to allow for smooth filtration.

The large the volume of the replacement filter element, the better it is for your filtration process.

11. Flow Rate

An adequate replacement filter element for your filter needs to ensure that it maintains the flow rate of the application.

That is to mean if the flow rate is higher, you will need to ensure that you have a filter element that allows for a high flow rate.

You can determine the flow rate by checking on the size of the inlet of the application as well as the outlet of your filter element.

The disadvantage of having a different flow rate between your filter element and your application is that it will affect the filtration process.

To minimize this, always ensure that the flow rate of your filter element and your application is uniform.

12. Type of Applications

You will have to consider the nature of your application when selecting a replacement filter element for your filter.

This is because different applications require different filters and by extension different filter elements.

You can have different applications that have different fluids such as water and oil.

These applications will thus need different filter elements which means that you will have to factor this when purchasing a replacement filter element.

13. Cost

Undoubtedly the last consideration that you have to consider is the cost of your replacement filter element.

Different brands will cost differently depending on a couple of factors.

Such factors include the durability of the filter element, the additional features of the replacement filter element as well as the warranty available.

However, the cost needs to fit in your budget.

By considering the cost of a replacement filter element, you will be able to plan well in advance on which replacement filter to buy.

FilSon Filters Replacement Filter Elements

We have seen the top brands when it comes to replacement filter elements that you can choose for your filter.

However, allow me to introduce you to yet another to a brand that you can easily purchase.

That is FilSon Filters replacement filter elements.

Yes, these filter replacement elements are manufactured by Filson limited which is a company that has its base in China.

FilSon uses the latest technology to manufacture quality replacement filter elements for your filters.

These replacement filter elements are compatible with almost all the available filters in the market.

Also, these filters come with a warranty which gives you an opportunity to return them in case of malfunction.

You can easily purchase these replacement filter elements at a store near you.

And by the way, you don’t have to worry about the cost of these filter elements.

They are very affordable when you compare them with the cost of the other replacement filter elements.

Try out FilSon replacement filter elements for your next purchase and experience a whole new level of filter replacement elements.


In conclusion, there are several brands of replacement filter elements that you can select for your filter.

However, not all of them will offer you the quality of service that you want.

While shopping for a replacement filter element, you need to consider several factors before selecting one for your filter.

The bottom line is that you need a replacement filter element that will be durable and up to the standards that you want.

Did you miss any aspect of a replacement filter element?

Get in touch with us today, and we will be glad to offer you the relevant assistance.

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