Filson Quartz Frit

  • Wide range of pore size for customer to choose
  • High porosity and uniform pore distribution for better performance
  • Quality quartz glass material for many application needs
  • Optional size design to fit your specific requirements
  • Smooth surface for high efficiency and flow introduction

Filson quartz frit is also called porous glass frit. It’s a porous filter composed of bonded grains of quartz glass. Usually, this fritted quartz is used for filtration of liquids or corrosive gas, heat diffusion, flow regulation and chemically inert and high purity applications.

  • Construction material: quartz glass
  • Operating temperature: up to 1100 – 1200℃
  • Pore size: 10 – 550 micron
  • Thickness: usually 2 – 5mm
  • Diameter: 10 – 30mm
  • Available configuration: disc, sheet

Note: info listed above is for reference only, contact Filson for more customizable solutions.

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Filson Quartz Frit

Your Professional Quartz Frit Manufacturer in China

Filson provides quality quartz frits for our customers all over the world. Since its establishment in 2001, Filson is concentrated on filtration products and exports them for worldwide. By using a Filson quartz frit, your filtration, separation and purification efficiency will be greatly improved.

With years’ rich experience in designing and manufacuring of quartz frit, Filson now has mastered the core technology and know-how to support your every filtration project. Besides, the dimension is available to be customized to suit your column diameter.

Filson quartz frit can perform well in high temperature conditions, the maximum working temperature of it is up to 1100 – 1200℃. This makes it popular in many industries and sometimes can replace metal frit.

As your professional quartz frit supplier in China, Filson is here to provide the most useful advice and support on your business. Do not hesitate to contact us and get an ideal frit for your application.

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