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Offering almost 20 years of experience, Filson is capable of providing high-performance, durable and cost-effective products for customers.

  • Customized solutions available for unique needs
  • Robust structure with low risks of cracking
  • Long operating life with stable performance
  • Fine-machined slot openings without burs
  • Proven-quality in line with ISO, and ASTM certifications

What is PVC Well Screen?

Filson PVC well screen is designed to prevent sediment from entering the well and to support aquifer material. As an important part of the well, Filson PVC well screen also needs to steady water flow, which improves the productivity and efficiency of wells.

100% formed by polyvinyl chloride, Filson PVC well screen is completely immune to corrosion and chemicals, thus it is perfectly workable in harsh conditions. Meanwhile, it also featured enhanced strength to prevent collapsing.

According to application needs, Filson PVC well screen is divided into three major classes, including slotted types, prepacked types, monitoring well screens, and others. All products are passing through strict manufacturing processes and certifications.

PVC Well Screen Main Categories

Johnson PVC Well Screen

As an experienced PVC well screen manufacturer, Filson provides the same quality replacement of Johnson PVC well screen. As a cost-effective solution, it has a robust structure and high resistance to corrosion and encrustation compared to metal screens.

Slotted PVC Well Screen

Featured with precision machining and consistent slots, Filson slotted PVC well screen is designed with a larger intake capacity and higher clog resistance performance by reducing entrance velocity.  With a low possibility of solids being carried in, it greatly improves the production of wells.

Prepacked Well Screen

Thanks to its robust construction, Filson prepacked well screen is durable and reliable. Compared to gravel pack well screen, it is an ideal solution for various wells in unconsolidated formations as its more economical and convenient.

PVC Well Screen Types by Application (3)

  • PVC Water Well Screen
    Adopting high-level PVC as base materials, Filson PVC water well screen is non-toxic, which means it is not change the taste, odor and color of water, or releases any harmful substances into water. With high resistance to bacteria, it is completely safe during operating.
  • PVC Monitoring Well Screen
    With enhanced mechanical strength and stable performance, Filson PVC monitoring well screen has excellent resistance to collapse and corrosion, which prolongs its lifespan and saves maintain costs. Due to lightweight and various connection types, it is also installed easily.
  • PVC Well Casing Pipe
    Filson PVC well casing pipe is fully impervious to corrosion and chemicals, hence it can withstand critical environment in well. Besides, it is also featured with lightweight, so it is easy to handle, install and transport. With longer service life.

PVC Well Screen Types by Diameters (5)

  • 10-Slot PVC Well Screen
    With advanced manufacturing process, Filson 10-slot PVC well screen enjoys smooth slot spacing that minimizes the possibility of encrustation and clogging. What’s more, it can realize larger open area and higher efficiencies with at fraction of cost.
  • 1-14 PVC Well Screen
    Through delicate machined, Filson 1-1/4 PVC well screen enjoys precision dimensions. Equipped with smooth and flat slot openings, it achieves minimal drawdown and low energy consumption, while protect sensitive equipment by resisting clogging or plugging.
  • 2 Inch PVC Well Screen
    After sophisticated design and precisely engineered, Filson 2inch PVC well screen is endowed with uniform and smooth slots, which reduces the tendency of sediment building up and plus the open area. With high quality, it improves the efficiency and productivity of well.
  • 4 Inch PVC Well Screen
    Filson 4inch PVC well screen plays an important part in increasing well efficiency and longevity, as its clean slots steady water flow and keep sediment out of the well system. With various connection types, it can be installed and handle fast and easily.
  • 6 Inch PVC Well Screen
    Thanks to it completely immune to corrosion, Filson 6inch PVC well screen is not easy to rust as metal well screen. Therefore, it has outstanding robust and durable properties to withstand harsh conditions like high temperature and high corrosion environment.

PVC Well Screen Benefits

Extended Life
Extended life

Mainly formed by high-level polyvinyl chloride, Filson PVC well screen is endowed with superior mechanical strength, and more durable to last long service life.

Light weight

With a lighter weight than a metal well screen, Filson PVC well screen is easier to install and handle with less labor costs.

Uniform Slots
Uniform slots

Equipped with smooth and uniform slots, Filson PVC well screen effectively prevents sand and encrustation, while saving energy.

Flexible Size
Flexible size

Filson PVC well screen is available in various sizes, diameters, and lengths based on customers’ applications.

PVC Well Screen Specific Features

  • High open area allows large fluid liquid flow freely
  • Smooth slot edges ensure lower risks of encrustation
  • Precision-machining technology ensures reliable quality
  • Extensive range of applications across several fields
  • OEM service to satisfy customized materials, dimensions
  • Durable and robust structure with high corrosion resistance
  • Cost-effective solution with a competitive price
  • Superior appearance without fur and slits
  • Excellent protection with fine slots against small particles
  • Fast and easy to assemble for various connection types
  • Fast transportation ways including FedEx/TNT/DHL
  • Proven quality in accordance with ISO, and ASTM certifications
  • Low tendency of breaking, deformation, and cracking
PVC Well Screen Specific Features

Why Choose Filson PVC Well Screen

Flison PVC Well Screen Factory
Flison PVC Well Screen Production

With advanced technology and precision-machined manufacturing, Filson PVC well screen is able to retain sand or sediment and greater flow area. Thanks to the low tendency of encrustation and plug-free, it results in better protection for sensitive equipment.

Filson PVC well screen is more economical than metal screens, as it is fully immune to corrosion and other chemicals. What’s more, with high-level manufacturing quality, our product enjoys a longer service life than others.

Filson supports specific services and provides an extensive range of dimensions, diameters, and wall thicknesses based on your applications. Our products are designed and fabricated to comply with industrial standards, which greatly meets customers’ requirements of quality.

If you want to know more detailed information or want to get a special design PVC well screen, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at

Specifications of PVC Well Screen
  • Material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Schedule: 40, 80, 120
  • Diameter/Size: 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, etc.
  • Length of pipe: up to 20 m or customized
  • Thickness: 2.0 – 29.4 mm
  • Working pressure: 0.63 – 2.5MPa
  • Temperature: -10°C – 90°C
  • Width of slot: 0.1 mm – 0.4 mm
  • Connection type: male-female thread, plain, socket coupling, spigot, etc
  • Service life: up to 70 years
Applications of PVC Well Screen
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Observation wells
  • Recovery wells de-watering
  • Geological surveys
  • Relining steel wells
  • Horizontal drains
  • Domestic water wells
Filson – Superior PVC Well Screen Makes Different For Your Application

Choose Filson PVC well screen with outstanding performance, longer service life and competitive price to improve your applications’ productivity and efficiency.

PVC Well Screen FAQ Guide

What Factors of A Quality PVC Well Screen?

The best PVC well screen needs to satisfy some design criteria and functional standards. There are as following:

  • A large open area
  • Clog-free slot openings
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Collapse resistance and sturdy structure
  • Easy to install and handle
  • Low possibility of sediment building up
  • Outstanding sand control property
What Types of Wells are There?

What Types of Wells are There

There are three types of wells: bored or shallow wells, consolidated wells, and unconsolidated wells. Each one enjoys unique characteristics.

  • Bored/Shallow wells: usually 100 feet deep or less
  • Consolidated Wells: usually 250 to 30 feet and in the natural rock formation
  • Unconsolidated wells: mainly formed by soil, clay, sand, and other easily collapsible materials.
What are the Main Materials for Well Construction?

Casing: to prevent collapse the most common casings are PVC pipe, galvanized steel, etc.

Grout: a sealant to fill the gaps around the well, in order to protect wells from contaminants, and it is usually made of cement, concrete.

Well screen: a filtration to block gravel and sand while allowing the passage of water, and the most and popular material is PVC.

Gravel pack: around the well screen to help further filtration while adding stability to the well.

How Long Does A Well Screen Last?

Depending on different materials, the service life is also different. Such as carbon steel well screens can last almost 25 years, and PVC types can last up to 70 years.

How To Choose the Right Slot Size and Sieve?

How To Choose the Right Slot Size and Sieve

The proper well screen size is a significant step to improve the productivity of the well. First, the right velocity should not exceed 1/10 of a foot per second. The proper velocity can be calculated by dividing the GPM of the well yield by the open area.

The proper slot size is designed upon the formation of samples. Filson offers services like sand analysis of formation materials, which may help you a lot.

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