PVC Suction Strainer

  • 100% PVC material
  • Customized service in terms of specification available
  • Easy to remove, install and replace
  • Allowable to clean and reuse, longer lifespan
  • Strong mechanical strength, great chemical resistance
  • Wide mesh sizes for various applications
  • Multiple connection methods with different sizes

Filson PVC suction strainer is mainly fabricated with flexible black PVC. By removing sediments and impurities with high efficiency, our PVC suction strainer can offer protection to your pump, tank reservoirs, sprayers and more.

  • Base Material: polyvinyl chloride(PVC)
  • Mesh Material: stainless steel
  • Operating Temperature: up to 200℉
  • Operating Pressure: 50 psi
  • Mesh Sizes: 20, 40, 80, 100…
  • Connection: threaded, NPT
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 PCs

Note: above parameter is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson PVC Suction Strainer

Your Top-rated PVC Suction Strainer Manufacturer in China

Filson PVC suction strainer generally consists of PVC base and stainless steel wire mesh. Compering with other suction strainers, Filson PVC suction strainer can be fabricated with various mesh sizes, like 20, 40 80, etc. And it is more flexible to be applied in pool and spa equipment, water softeners, floor cleaning machinery and so on.

Totally utilizing standard PVC and stainless steel as material, Filson PVC suction strainer is easy to clean and replace for long using time. Besides, based on your unique filtration system, you can choose proper port size to maintain stable performance.

Having more than 20 years on manufacturing suction strainer, Filson has the ability to provide you high-quality and high-efficiency PVC suction strainer. Moreover, owing to have large-scale factory, we can complete your order within 2 – 3 weeks as soon as possible.

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