PVC Bag Filter Housing: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What is a PVC Bag Filter Housing?

A PVC Bag Filter Housing is a vessel that houses the elements you’ll use in the filtration process.

They are available in different styles and sizes.

Depending on the design, you can use these filtration systems for a range of applications in the process industry.

It can hold from 1- 24 or more bag filters, depending on design and type.


PVC bag filter housing

How do you clean a PVC Bag Filter Housing?

It is easy to clean a PVC Bag Filter Housing.

You can clean this device using solvents or via steam cleaning.

You expose the device to these cleaning agents until you are sure that the different parts are clean enough.

Typically, PVC Bag Filter Housings are blasted with glass beads then cleaned later.

Some beads are highly likely to remain in the housing requiring further cleaning.

You can clean the housing using a process suitable cleaning liquid.

Other times you can clean the housing using demineralized water or pickling acid.

Some movable parts of a PVC Bag Filter Housing may be lubricated at the factory, and this depends on the specific design.

Although the lubricant is not often dangerous, it is good to clean it to avoid potential hazards.

Are PVC Bag Filter Housing better than Stainless-Steel Bag Filter Housing?

Absolutely, yes.

The casing of a PVC Bag Filter Housing is made using PVC material while that of Stainless-steel bag filter housing is made using stainless-steel material of different grades.


Stainless steel bag filter housing

PVC Bag Filter Housing are more economical than Stainless-Steel Bag Filter Housing.

They are more economical in terms of functional efficiency, the chosen material compatibility and the costs.

They are better at filtering highly viscous fluids

They are built for high dirt holding capacity and high flow rate.

PVC Bag filter housing

PVC Bag filter housing

What are the Applications for PVC Bag Filter Housing?

You can use this device in a wide range of applications to improve filtration efficiency in a chemical/physical process.

Here are some of the applications for PVC Bag Filter Housing:

  • Coating and paint
  • Acids, alkali solvents
  • Sea water, desalination
  • Food and beverage
  • Sugar syrup
  • Polymers
  • Lacquers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Ink
  • Paints
  • Oil application

What are the Operating Limits of a PVC Bag Filter Housing?

Some of the operating limits are:

The pressure of ≤4/7 bars

Temperature 4 to 45°C

Flow rate of ≤ 12 m3/h – ≤ 23 m3/h

What are the Benefits of a PVC Bag Filter Housing?

A PVC Bag Filter Housing offers the following benefits:

i. Constructed from 100% light weight PVC material that is not only strong but also highly resistant to different chemicals

ii. Suitable for low-pressure applications of up to 7 bars

iii. A steady construction of the device. This eliminates possible leakages or breakdown.

iv. It has a self-seal gasket that ensures the maximum operating pressure

v. It has a UV inhibitor for long-lasting, durable and all-weather operation

vi. Comes in different sizes; there are size 1, 2, 4 and over. One can easily chose what fits their application.

vii. Easier installation; since there are manuals/instructions on how to install the device, one can easy to set it up within their plants.

What are the Quality Tests done on PVC Bag Filter Housing?

You have to conduct several quality tests on a PVC Bag Filter Housing to ensure that although it is affordable, it is still high quality.

Some of the tests done on the device are:

i. Pressure Seal Test

This quality test is done following the installation of a PVC Bag Filter Housing.

Pressure seal test is based on the two operating conditions; closing and opening procedures of the device.

The device is exposed to this process of opening and closing to determine the quality of the seal.

ii. Leak Test

This quality test is done to determine whether the device can withstand the high pressures and temperatures without experiencing any leakage.

What is the Cost of PVC Bag Filter Housing?

PVC Bag Filter Housing are cost-effective.

The raw material, PVC, is affordable.

A complex PVC Bag Filter Housing design will definitely make PVC bag filter housing more expensive.

Some of these features include the chamber design, flow rate and lid design among others.

The manufacture, installation and maintenance costs are equally affordable.

What is the Maximum Operating Pressure for PVC Bag Filter Housing?

The maximum operating pressure for PVC Bag Filter Housing is 6 bars.

However, for customized options, the maximum operating pressure for these devices may be higher/less than the above 6 bars.

What are the Features of PVC Bag Filter Housing?

Some of the features of PVC Filter Housing are:

  • A reinforced body for long service life
  • Compact design
  • High precision
  • Made using PVC material that has excellent properties suitable for low- and high-pressure applications
  • Are light weight; they are made using material that does not carry much weight.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Ultra Violet rays resistant
  • Are affordable, yet high quality
  • Support legs for support of the device
  • Some are opaque thus helping prevent any UV rays from impairing the operation of the device

What are the Components of a PVC Bag Filter Housing?

Some of these parts of a PVC Bag Filter Housing are:

i. Internal support basket; this element supports the PVC Bag Filter in its right position.

ii. Bag filter element; it is attached to the housing to facilitate the filtration of solutions/fluids

iii. Housing; it holds all of the elements inside of the device.

iv. Mounting stand; this element supports the device so it can stand on its own.

v. Sealing ring; this feature aids in the transfer of the chamber cover force all through the filter bag seal circumference.

Parts of PVC bag filter housing

Parts of PVC bag filter housing

What are the Pipe Connections for PVC Bag Filter Housing?

Some of the pipe connections for PVC Bag Filter Housing include:

  • Flange connection
  • Threaded connection
  • Socket

How does a PVC Bag Filter Housing work?

A PVC Bag Filter Housing is easy to operate.

You allow fluids to get in through the inlet nozzle of the PVC Bag Filter Housing.

It then directs the fluid flow to the bag filter put inside the device.

The bag then separates the contaminants from the fluid.

Following this, you collect a clear fluid from the outlet nozzle.

What are the Factors to Consider when Designing a PVC Bag Filter Housing?

When designing your PVC Bag Filter Housing, you have to ensure that it has the best features and capabilities.

It must operate at its maximum potential for the success of the device.

However, below are some factors to consider when designing this device:

I. Mode of Operation – Continuous/batch

The mode of operation of a device determines how the PVC Bag Filter Housing is built.

It can have a continuous or batch mode of operation.

The type of mode of operation chosen will be because of the intended applications.

II. Service Time

You should build a PVC Bag Filter Housing that can work at its optimum best over a long time.

It should have a service life of more than five years.

III. Cost

When designing your device, you must ensure that the costs are affordable.

Costs include the manufacture, installation and maintenance costs.

The cost of the raw materials must also be manageable, yet high quality.

IV. Total Suspended Solid

You have to estimate a specific volume of TSS so that the device can comfortably hold the volume.

This is regardless of the volume of fluid/substances that will pass through the filtration system.

V. Material

It should effectively function within the set maximum pressure, temperature and overall process.

It should also have properties such as chemical compatibility, durability, and corrosive resistance.

VI. Filtration Rating

The rate of filtration although is dependent on the bag filter, the resulting fluid or substance still passes through the housing outlet nozzle.

It is therefore important to place this factor into consideration when designing your device.

  VII. Operating Temperature

The PVC Bag Filter housing must withstand the high temperatures applied at a specific application.

VIII. Operating Pressure

The device should be able to effectively function at the chemical/physical process.

It should withstand the operating pressures of around or more than 7 bars.

IX. Flow Rate

You have to consider the size of the device.

This depends upon the length and diameter of the PVC Bag Filter Housing.

Whether you have a small or large PVC Bag Filter Housing depends on the calculated flow rate.

Other factors you have to consider are the specific temperature and gravity, viscosity, volume, size of particles and the desired efficiency.

What are the Quality Codes and Standards for PVC Bag Filter Housing?

Before introducing PVC Bag Filter Housings into the market, manufacturers/suppliers must ensure that they are of high quality and safe to use.

There are different quality standards that they have to comply with.

These codes and standards reflect the design, manufacturing, and maintenance requirements for this device.

Some of the quality codes and standards include:

i. ASME Code

ii. ISO 9001: Certification

iii. CE

What is a PVC Bag Filter?

Bag filter and filter housing

Bag filter and filter housing

A PVC Bag Filter is a device used for trapping contaminants in various depths to accomplish the filtration requirements as part of the whole system.

This bag filter is connected to a high-pressure inlet at the top and filtrate exists at the bottom and sides of the device.

PVC Bag Filter is mainly made using PVC material that has excellent corrosion/UV resistance, chemical compatibility and durability.

It is an economical choice for various filtration applications.

If paired with the right filter bag housing, you can eliminate/reduce waste disposal costs, minimize process downtime, improve product quality and minimize maintenance costs.

What is a PVC Bag Filter used for?

PVC Bag Filters are often used for 1-200-micron nominal filtration applications.

This device can be applied in different applications such as inks, automotive paints and varnishes, process water and chemicals.

They are used to:

  • Determine the filtration efficiency
  • Determine particle retention

Are PVC Bag Filter Housing customizable?

Of course, yes.

You can customize your PVC Bag Filter to meet your client’s unique needs.

A client gives their specific drawings, design, measurements, flow rate, and other key requirements to the designer.

The designer, therefore, makes the proper changes to suit the client’s needs.

The customized pieces are often expensive than the standard ones due to their unique requirements.

The cost of the material, the complexity of the design as well as the special skills required to build the device.

How Long does a PVC Bag Filter Housing last?

A PVC Bag Filter Housing can last up to 10 years.

They are designed in such a way that they can endure years of harsh service.

The materials are chosen, reinforcement, fabrication, and functionality of the device are responsible for their high endurance.

As such, they can operate in different applications for a very long time.

It is however important to replace the parts/the housing after 5 years to ensure operation at optimum best.

At least, by this time the device would have started experiencing some failures.

Do PVC Filter Bag Housing have a warranty?

Yes, they do.

They have a warranty of 2 years or more depending on the supplier/manufacturer.

During these 2 years from the time of purchase, you can return the product in case of manufacturing defects.

However, if damage is as a result of physical processes/forces caused by a user, then the supplier/manufacturer cannot return it.

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