Pure Nickel Wire Mesh

  • Low electrical resistivity with good welding property
  • High corrosive and high-temperature resistance
  • Good flexibility and low work hardening rate
  • Beautiful appearance with a smooth surface area
  • Wide range of applications for superior performance
  • Long service life for excellent wear resistance

Filson pure nickel wire mesh, also known as nickel 200 wire mesh, is featured with its corrosion fighting capacity and can work normally over 355°C conditions, thus our product is in large demand in the market, especially in aerospace, electric and electronic industries, food processing, etc.

  • Raw material: nickel 200, purity up to 99.2%
  • Thickness: up to 0.08 mm
  • Length: 100 mm to 300 mm or custom sizes
  • Nickel wire mesh: 2 mesh to 400 mesh
  • Weaving methods: plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave
  • Standard: ASTM, ASME, BS, DIN, and all international standards
  • Tensile strength: 70 Kpsi
  • Packing: wrapped with waterproof paper and plastic film, in wooden cases or pallets

Note: above sheet is for reference purposes, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Pure Nickel Wire Mesh

Your Trusted Pure Nickel Wire Mesh Manufacturer in China

Filson pure nickel wire mesh shows good welding ability, formability, and ductility, so it can be shaped into any size based on your requirements. And it has high-temperature resistance, our product can work normally over 355°C.

Thanks to Filson pure nickel wire mesh owns many excellent properties, our product plays an important role in many fields, including electrical, machine, salt refining, and marine development, what’s more, it can also serve as filter elements in mining, food, and chemical industries.

Taking responsibility for buying top-class materials, processing products, and wrapping products, Filson insists on more than 20 years, that’s why we can stand firmly in this market. So we promise to provide pure nickel wire mesh with high quality to you.

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