Filson Pump Intake Screen

  • High corrosion resistance for long-term underwater operation
  • Durable and efficient to provide extended pump service life
  • Continuous self cleaning performance with less downtime
  • Wide range of adaptable temperatures and optional materials
  • Flexible designs available for various liquid filtration systems


Any bespoke aperture size can be designed for Filson pump intake screens depending on the contaminant types requiring to remove and specific flow rates. Other dimensions such as length, diameter, also available for customization to achieve maximum suitability.

  • Raw Material: SS 304/316L, bronze/copper, nickel-alloy or other required metals
  • Flow Range: 10-1000 m3/hr
  • Aperture Size: 60-10000 μm
  • Backwash Pressure: 55-100 psi
  • Connection: ANSI/DIN flange

Note: listed above for reference only, please consult Filson for custom.

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Filson Pump Intake Screen

Your Proven Pump Intake Screen Manufacturer in China

Filson pump intake screen, pump screen intake, or referred as pump suction screen, is an essential supplementary device for pump operation. It efficiently and reliably protects the pump from unwanted debris or prevents fish from being sucked into the pump.

Filson manufactures a wide range of pump intake screens for various applications, including lake intake pump screen, water pump intake screen, pond pump intake screen, submersible pump intake screen, sump pump intake screen, self cleaning pump intake screen.

Material of your pump intake screen is extremely important, you should consider the properties of corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, mechanical strength, etc. in advance. We choose SS 304/316L, copper or nickel alloys commonly to fabricate Filson pump intake screens, or your required metals available.

Filson pump intake screens feature good self-cleaning functionality to ensure continuous pump operation, with no manual cleaning and less downtime. Besides, Filson self cleaning pump intake screen is durable and flexible, can be installed at any angle by flange connections or upon need.

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