Filson Pulse Jet Baghouse

  • High filtration capacity up to 100000 CFM
  • Multiple filter shape options
  • Available for either online or off-line cleaning
  • Ideal for high dust load applications
  • Resistant to high airflow temperature up to 260℃

Filson manufactures industrial pulse jet baghouse dust collectors for a wide micron range of filtration applications. Our professional engineers design and fabricate the pulse jet baghouse to meet customers’ special filtration needs and challenges.

  • Bag material: polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, aramid, fiberglass, PPS, P84, PTFE
  • Filter cross-sectional shape: round, oval, envelope
  • Operating temperature: up to 260℃(upon specific material)
  • Bag number: 6-1500 (up to filtration area)
  • Airflow capacity: 300-100,000CFM
  • Filtration area: 32-1566㎡
  • Filtration rating: 0.5-200micron
  • Filtration efficiency: more than 99.9%

Note: the above specifications are for reference only, customization is available suiting your needs

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Filson Pulse Jet Baghouse

Your Best Pulse Jet Baghouse Choice in China

In a Filson pulse jet baghouse, the filter cage is hung near the top of the dust collector. The air to be filtered enters through the inlet at the bottom, and then dust accumulates on the outside surface of the bag filters.

The biggest advantage of the Filson pulse jet baghouse is that it has a high air-to-cloth ratio. It means they require less space to operate. Pulse-jet baghouse is usually a continuous cleaning collector which provides less downtime.

Compare to a traditional baghouse, the Filson pulse jet baghouse has higher efficiency but lower maintenance which is ideal for your industrial dust collection system. If you are looking for the right product, choose Filson as your reliable supplier.

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