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Filson pressure leaf filter mainly consists of a vertical or horizontal pressure vessel and individual filter leaves attached on a manifold. Usually, 5 to 80 pieces of inside leaves are available and interval space between Filson leaves may vary from 30-100 mm.

Filson pressure leaf filter is widely used for industrial fields, such as food & beverages, minerals & mining, chemical and sulphur industries. It enables to make your operation efficiently, productively and friendly.

Filson pressure leaf filter are available in vertical pressure leaf filters or horizontal leaf filtration system, the maximum system pressure is up to 25 bar while operation temperature up to 225℃. To cut your overall costs and reduce maintenance frequency, Filson will design and manufacture pressure leaf filters with automated system and no rotating parts.

If you are looking for a reliable pressure leaf filter supplier, please contact Filson now for more detailed information about pressure leaf filter. All pressure filter vessels and leaves can be tailored to meet you specific requirements.

Filson Pressure Leaf Filter

Filson Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter
Filson horizontal pressure leaf filter is specially designed for high flow rate liquid application, which allow easier and quick maintenance for small installation space. And it boasts a larger filtration surface area up to 200m2.
Filson Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter
Filson vertical pressure leaf filter requires only a small footprint with a fully enclosed design. And its filtration surface area usually ranges from 1 m2 to 120 m2.
Filson Pressure Leaf Filter in Pharmaceutical Industry
Filson adopts high-quality stainless steel, and metal or synthetic fiber to construct pressure leaf filter in pharmaceutical industry. And it has extremely efficient filtration effect.
Filson Filter Leaves
Filson upgraded filter leaves is made up of 3-5 layer of sintered wire mesh. The common shapes are circular or rectangular leaves.

Why Choose Filson Pressure Leaf Filter

Filson pressure leaf filter is specially used for polishing slurry with low solid content of 1-5% or for cake filtration with a solid concentration of 20-25%. And we offer autoclaved options for perilous environments applications to ensure a safe operation, like dealing with flammable, toxic, and corrosive medium.

We strictly manage the raw material source and construction process of Filson pressure leaf filter.

Like we only cooperate stainless steel raw material supplier who can offer EN10304 material certification report. Every pressure leaf filter from Filson need to get through a series of pressure and sealing testing before shipping for you.

Fison is well equipped with experienced engineers and experts, that they will utilize their know-how to offer you a perfect pressure leaf filter design. Trust us and we will not make you disappointment.

Filson Pressure Leaf Filter catalog

Filson: Your Reliable Pressure Leaf Filter Supplier in China

Filson, with over 20 years of experience, aims to provide every customer an economical and reliable pressure leaf filtration solution for any liquids with higher solid loads, between 0.01% and 3%.

Pressure leaf filter application

We offer various materials for pressure leaf filter vessels, such as stainless steel, carbon steel Monel, Inconel with rubber, PP, PVDF lining. O-ring sealing are available in BUNA-N, Viton, EPDM, Nitrile, Silicon, etc.

Filson pressure leaf filter suits a variety of market sectors ensuring a high filtrate clarity, such as the filtration of crude oil, bleached oil, glucose, fatty acid, sugar syrup, Ni-catalyst, brine, resins, liquid sulfur, juice extraction, and pectin processing.

Pressure leaf filter diagram and capacity

This is how Filson pressure leaf filter works: firstly, filtrate slurry will be pumped into pressure leaf filter vessel and flow through insert filter leaves, then solids will be captured on the surface and gradually form a filter cake on the leaves, finally clean filtered fluid will flow out through the manifold.

After a period time of use, accumulated filter cake will be discharged from our pressure leaf filter vessel and get ready for continuous filtration process. And this cleaning between two filtration cycles is high-efficient which is able to deliver great production capacity.

In addition, whether for wet cake discharge or dry cake discharge, Filson pressure leaf filter is your best choice. Dry cake discharge are commonly used in filtration of sugar, cocoa or edible oils, removal of activated carbon or catalyst recovery. While wet cake discharge are much more suitable for applications where cake formation is too low.

Pressure Leaf Filter working Animation and Design for juice extraction

Filson pressure leaf filter with dry cake discharge will help you greatly reduce product waste that keep residual product content lower than 32%. You can easily obtain cake material in high purity and cleanliness level through drying with compressed air, steam gas or inert gas.

Besides, filter leaves are the most important component of each Filson pressure leaf filter. To provide a long-lasting quality, Filson pressure filter leaves are made of multi-layer sintered metal wire mesh. It obviously contributes to an improved holding capacity up to 30% than single-layer wire mesh.

Therefore, you do not have to change and repair Filson pressure filter leaves frequently, which will further help you save total operation costs and increase system productivity.

Stainless steel filter leaf construction and sizes

Experienced engineering team from Filson is always here to design customized pressure leaf filter to meet your specific application, just please send us an email about your drawing and specifications such as flow rate, filtration accuracy, liquid type and solid content, working temperature&pressure, and liquid viscosity.

Filson pressure leaf filter has gained plenty of good reviews in quality and service from our customers. If you have any technical problem about Filson pressure leaf filter, contact us now and Filson will do our utmost to help you.

We can assist in the complete design, production, testing and commissioning of a pressure leaf filter project.

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Filson Pressure Leaf Filter Function:

  • Separate the solids and other contaminants from fluids
  • Ensure a safe operation in a hazardous environment
  • Form high permeability and purity of filter cake
  • Maximize your liquid filtration process
  • Achieve optimal separation efficiency
  • Reduce the equipment maintenance costs
  • Improve system productivity and safety

Filson Pressure Leaf Filter Feature:

  • Economical and reliable cake filtration solution
  • Large filtration surface area for higher filtration rate
  • Maximized dirt holding capacity for a large productivity
  • Vertical version available for smaller footprint
  • Automatic system for lower maintenance costs
  • Perfect sealing design for no leakage
  • Reinforced filter leaves for a long lifetime
  • Easy to clean and high efficiency of washing
  • Suitable for many industrial process
  • Tailored to meet your specific application
  • Simple, easy and safe operation
  • A fast cake drying process using different manners

Filson Pressure Leaf Filter Specification:

  • Vessel material: stainless steel304, 316L, 904L, Monel, Titanium, Hastelloy
  • Capacity: 1m2-200m2 ( Custom version available)
  • Vessel diameter: 460-2500mm, others on request
  • O-ring sealing material: Viton,EPDM, Nitrile, Silicon
  • Number of leaves: 5-80
  • Maximum operating pressure: 25bar
  • Maximum operating temperature: up to 225℃
  • Cake volume: up to 1750ltr

Filson Pressure Leaf Filter Application:

  • Cement
  • Corn milling
  • Bleaching earth
  • Food and beverage
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Mineral processing
  • Waste water treatment
  • Pulp and paper
  • Petrochemical
  • Petroleum
  • Oil Feed

Filson Pressure Leaf Filter FAQ

  1. What is pressure leaf filter?

Pressure leaf filter, as all pressure vessels, is an ideal solution for the polishing slurry with very low solids content of 1-5% or for cake filtration with a solid concentration of 20-25%. Pressure leaf filter is an enclosed filtration system and can be fully automatically operated.

Pressure leaf filters are available in horizontal and vertical configuration. They are both suited for flammable, toxic and corrosive medium. Since they are autoclaved and designed for hazardous environment when high pressure and safe operation are required.

Pressure leaf filter is very suitable for filtering edible oil, resins, syrup, catalyst, fatty acid, activated carbon, artificial sweeteners and juice,etc. It is widely applied to petroleum, petrochemical, fine chemical, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, etc.

  1. How does a pressure leaf filter work?

First, make a precoat layer(optional) on the filter elements before starting a filtration cycle. Filtrate slurry(with added precoat aid) will be pumped into the pressure leaf filter vessel. Then, solids will be retained and formed a layer on the filter leaves – called “filter cake”.

Pressure leaf filter is filled with liquid solution, the solution is pressurized and flow through the filter leaves until the the precoat layer achieve the required thickness. And the clean fluid will flow out through the manifold.

Lastly, the filter cake will be discharged automatically by a pneumatic vibrator through a butterfly valve located at the bottom of the filter. A wet cake discharge or a dry cake discharge depends on your needs.

How does a pressure leaf filter work

  1. What is principle of filter leaf?

Leaf filter mainly consist of the filter host, mixing captive, pumps, piping, electric control and some auxiliary equipment to form a complete filtration system. Liquid is pumped into pressure leaf filter vessel. Solid particles will be intercepted on the surface of filter cartridges.

Then a uniform filter cake is formed. Because the gap between particles in the filter cake layer is very small, the escape of impurities in the liquid is blocked. The filtrate becomes clear to achieve the filtration effect.

The working principle is as follows: the slurry is pumped into vessel under pressure, filter leaf guarantees adherence of the filter cake throughout the entire filtration cycle. Forming a uniform filter cake is critical in the process, then the filtrate becomes clear and is drained out.

  1. What are the advantages of leaf filter?
  • Economical and reliable cake filtration solution
  • Higher filtration rate for a high yield
  • Less installation area for vertical version
  • Automatic discharge of cake wet or dry
  • Perfect sealing design for no leakage and consumption
  • Reinforced filter leaves for a longer lifetime
  • High efficiency of washing&Low pressure drop
  • Easier and quick inspection and maintenance

What are the advantages of leaffilter

  1. What is horizontal metal leaf filter?

Horizontal metal leaf filter consists of a horizontal tank with a removable cover. It is ideal for batch cycle filtration applications requiring high flow rates with low solids content removal. The regeneration time is short between two filtration cycle.

The horizontal vessel configuration is the most common type of pressure leaf filter, as this arrangement allows for the greatest filtration area. Our horizontal metal leaf filter is optimized to achieve high flow rate at low pressure drop. And there is less requirement of maintenance.

What is horizontal metal leaf filter

Horizontal metal leaf filter is an enclosed filtration system and can be fully automated. This filter produces a high filtrate clarity after the clarification run. Horizontal metal filter leaf is very suitable for all kinds of filter aids.

In a word, horizontal metal leaf filter is an economical filtration solution with such numerous advantages.

  1. What is vertical pressure leaf filter?

Vertical pressure leaf filter is another commonly used filter of pressure leaf filter, compared to horizontal pressure leaf filter, there is no essential difference. While it is specially designed for applications where space is limited.

Vertical pressure leaf filter contains a vertical stainless steel vessel requiring a small footprint. With the support of advanced sealing technology, Filson has the ability to construct high quality vertical pressure leaf filter ensuring a maximum safety, high productivity and low consumption.

Vertical pressure leaf filter is an ideal solution for the polishing slurry with low solids content of 1-5% or for cake solution with a solids concentration of 20-25%. And vertical pressure leaf filter is very suitable for filtering flammable, toxic and corrosive medium.

A stack of vertical leaves is fitted in the leaf filter vessel, each leaf is inserted into a manifold that collects the filtrate. The space between the leaves may vary from 30-100mm. The leaf allows free flow of filtrate and support the finer metal screens or filter cloth that retain the cake.

  1. When the vertical leaf filters are recommended?
  • When the filtration material is flammable, toxic and corrosive, and requires a safe operation environment
  • When you need to remove fine particles with low content solids
  • When you need to handle large flow or a sanitary industrial applications
  • When you need a polishing grade filtrate or clarification filtration
  • When you need to get a high efficiency of solid&liquid separation process
  • When you need a large filtration area, but very small installation space

When the vertical leaf filters are recommended

  1. Is leaf filter a pressure filter?

Leaf filter, as all pressure vessel, is exactly a pressure filter. It is operated under pressure in closed vessels to give high-capacity service. The pressure leaf filter is an enclosed system and can be fully automated. As a result, polishing grade filtrate is produced.

Filter leaves are contained in a steel pressure vessel with a sealing system. And filtrate fluids need to be pumped into vessels via pressure. And after pressure in vessels is removed and the vessel opened, the filter cake will automatically discharged.

  1. What is the function of a pressure filter?

A pressure filter is a closed tank with a thin filter medium such as a filter cloth or woven metal screen for removal of contaminants.

  • The function of pressure filter consists of capturing any solid particles (abraded particles, swarf, dust) in slurry that contains a high concentration of suspended solids. Because its filter beds are able to fill exceedingly rapidly.
  • And pressure filter is usually fitted at downstream of the pump in order to protect any hydraulic elements downstream.
  • A pressure filter can generate greater driving force which permits a higher filtration rates.

(4) Pressure filter are operated under pressure in closed vessels to give high-capacity service.

  1. Is leaf filter continuous?

No, a leaf filter operates on a batch basis not a continuous basis. It is used when the filter capacity involved do not deserve investment in more expensive continuous pressure filters.

The leaf filter requires the least floor space per unit of filtering area and usually involves the lowest capital cost per unit of area. A leaf filter must be loaded and unloaded manually, so that labour costs are high, particularly in the larger sizes.

However, compared with the filter press, leaf filter costs less to operate because of advantageous properties of high efficient washing and cake discharge without removing the leaves.

  1. How cake is removed in leaf filter?

Leaf filter is a self-cleaning system. After washing the filter cake with detergent, the cake can be heated and dried in the vessel by using steam, air or nitrogen. Cake discharge is an easy way by gentle gas expansion of the filter leaf. The gas is purged backwards through the filter and pushes the dry cake off the leaf surface.

The cake outlet opening must be interlocked with a pressure sensor to avoid opening under pressure. On some filters the cloth or mesh screen may be backwashed with water after cake discharge to dislodge and remove any cake residue that adhered to the medium.

  1. What are the advantages of leaf filter over filter press?

What are the advantages of leaf filter over filter press

Advantages for Filter Leaf:

(i) The cloth or woven mesh screens that cover the leaves of horizontal tanks may be accessed easily once the stack is pulled out of the vessel.

(ii) If there are cake bridges between the leaves manually washing the medium with high impact jets is possible.

(iii) Filter leaf is mechanically simple since there are no complex components in it.

(iv) The method has the advantage that the slurry can be filtered from any vessel and the cake can be washed simply by immersing the filter, in a vessel of water.

(v) A number of leaves can be connected to provide a larger area for filtration.

(vi) Labour costs for operating the filter are comparatively moderate.

(vii) The special feature of the leaf filter is the high efficiency of washing.

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