Filson Premium Sand Screen

  • High strength with stable and rigid construction
  • Monolithic structure by sintering instead of welding
  • Optional materials for different operation conditions
  • Custom dimensions to meet various wellbore sizes
  • Good corrosion resistance with high production efficiency
  • Available in with or without gravel pack upon request

Filson premium sand screen is an ideal sand control method for various open holes and cased holes. It commonly constructed with multiple layers including base pipe, 1st drainage layer, woven mesh (filtration media), 2nd drainage layer, outer shroud, from inside to outside. Or single woven mesh construction available.

  • Material: SS 304/316L, carbon steel, and other required alloys
  • Micron Rating: down to 50 μm
  • Inner Diameter: 160 mm
  • Outer Diameter: 190 mm
  • Permeability: 950 scf/min

Note: specifications are optional and customizable upon request

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Filson Premium Sand Screen

Your Professional Premium Sand Screen Manufacturer in China

Filson premium sand screens own high mechanical strength and stable&rigid construction by sintering (diffusion bonding) process. Generally manufactured from SS 304, 316L or carbon steel materials, Filson premium sand screen performs excellent corrosion and temperature resistance to meet complex underground environments easily.

With an optimized and unique construction design, Filson premium sand screen allows uniform inflow distribution with lower risk of clogging at screen surface. And if you need more accurate sand retention, it can be added gravel pack achieving crude oil extraction with higher purity.

If any other doubt or questions of Filson premium screens, please feel free to CONTACT US.

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