Filson Pre-packed Screen

  • Strong and reliable construction with superb erosion resistance
  • Reduced clogging risks with extended service longevity
  • Updated completion method for minimizing site time&cost
  • Custom dimensions and several gravel options
  • Smaller borehole available and shortened drilling time

Filson pre-packed screen is commonly made of SS 304 or 316L material to achieve superior erosion resistance and stable construction. Certainly your custom requirements are available to suit your application entirely.

  • Material: SS 304/316L, Monel 400, low carbon steel, or on request
  • Outer Shroud: wedge wire screen (v-shaped wire mesh)
  • Diameter: 1.25-20 inch
  • Length: up to 40 ft.
  • Annular Thickness: 3-5 inch
  • Connection: weld ring, thread

Note: specifications are customizable whether listed or not, please consult Filson.

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Filson Pre-packed Screen

Your Premier Pre-packed Screen Manufacturer in China

Filson pre-packed screen, or called prepacked well screen, is commonly constructed with outer shroud screen, pre-packed gravel, inner screen, and base pipe. It provides an updated method for various oil and gas well completions, particularly suitable for offshore oilfields extraction.

Compared to conventional gravel pack screens, Filson pre-packed screen was gravel filled prior to use, offering minimal well drilling time, guaranteed quality with high production efficiency. It significantly features fine sand control accuracy, superb plugging resistance and low entry resistance.

Filson pre-packed screen is your optimal solution for unconsolidated formations where stand-alone screen is needed. Click here for more detailed information.

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