Filson Porous Titanium

  • Compact structure due to advanced sintering technology
  • Uniform and narrow pore size distribution for better filtration
  • Good chemical stability to be used for acid and alkali environments
  • Easy to clean and maintenance, reusable
  • High porosity, low filtration resistance and excellent penetration efficiency

Filson porous titanium is a sintered porous element to filter and purify gas or liquid in a wide range of industrial applications, which is also called sintered titanium and sometimes indicates titanium foam. To realize a good performance, Filson porous titanium is always made of high purity titanium.

  • Raw material: titanium ( able to be produced in different grades titanium )
  • Operating temperature: usually 280℃
  • Differential pressure: Max. 6 bar
  • Filtration accuracy: 0.2 – 100 μm
  • Porosity: 28 – 50%
  • Nominal length: 5’’, 10’’, 20’’, 30’’
  • Outside diameter: 6 – 130mm
  • Penetration efficiency: 95 – 99%

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Filson Porous Titanium

Your Dependable Porous Titanium Supplier in China

To produce porous titanium, Filson puts titanium material into the process of powder classification, molding, and final sintering. After all these processes, the quality porous titanium is featured with good mechanical strength, high filtration efficiency, and compact structure.

Filson manufactures porous titanium in various forms to meet customer requirements. Usually, you can find porous titanium sheet, porous titanium disc, porous titanium rod, and porous titanium cartridge at Filson.

Except for the appearance, Filson porous titanium is able to be customized into diverse dimensions to fit different application needs. For the filter length, we offer 5’’, 10’’, 20’’, and others for you. And the diameter is ranging from 6mm to 130mm. Additional lengths and diameters are available, consult Filson.

Filson provides porous titanium for customers all over the world. No matter where you are, simply Contact Filson today, you will get an outstanding sintered titanium solution for your application.

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