Filson Porous Glass Frit

  • High filtration accuracy for less clogging
  • Smooth operation/working for better efficiency
  • Precise pore size control to meet different applications
  • Able to be used in high thermal environments
  • Multiple dimension selections for your special needs

Filson porous glass frit is called porous glass filter as well. It is manufactured from the same high purity raw material as base materials, so it also refers to a porous filter that is composed of bonded grains of quartz glass.

  • Raw material: glass
  • Working temperature: up to 1100 – 1200℃
  • Filtration accuracy: 10 – 550 micron
  • Thickness: usually 2 – 5mm
  • Diameter: 10 – 30mm
  • Shape: disc, sheet

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, contact Filson for more information.

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Filson Porous Glass Frit

Your Reliable Porous Glass Frit Supplier in China

Filson porous glass frit provides you with a wide range of selections for size, shape, and micron rating. And choosing the correct porosity is the vital factor to realize the final efficiency of the glass frits. The porous glass frits vary in porosity according to grades of its pore size, you can know more by consulting our professional representative.

Filson porous glass frit in a column is usually located at both ends of the column to offer support for the packing media. And the uniform pore distribution allows it to control sample flow in an even rate precisely.

Except for porous glass frit, Filson possesses a series of quality metal frits and plastic frits, such as stainless steel frit, titanium frit, PP frit, PE frit, and PTFE frit. You are able to customize suitable fritted filters at Filson for your special needs.

Just contact Filson for more details or directly send us your specifications about your desired frit.

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