Porous Bronze Filter

  • Longer service life due to cleanable and reusable
  • Excellent temperature and chemical resistance
  • Superior filtration efficiency up to 99.9% at 1 mm
  • Wide range of applications for stable performance
  • Easy to welding and machining based on your needs
  • Customized solutions available for unique requirements

Filson porous bronze filter is featured with high temperature and pressure resistances, thus it performs smoothly under any harsh conditions. After strictly controlled processing, our product has high filtration efficiency due to uniform pore sizes and distributions.

  • Chemical composition: Cu-89%, Sn-11%
  • Void ratio: 25% – 43%
  • Filtration accuracy: 1 – 250 mm
  • Working Temperature: oxidizing atmosphere: – 250° – 200°, reducing atmosphere: – 250° – 450°
  • Tensile strength: 9.8 – 83.4 MPa
  • Filtration efficiency: 99.9%
  • Thickness: 4 mm – 120 mm or customized

Note: above sheet is for reference purposes, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Porous Bronze Filter

Your Professional Porous Bronze Filter Manufacturer in China

Filson porous bronze filter is popular among customers and the market because of its fine finish and excellent quality. It endows with premium air permeability and high porosity, and thus can be used as sound muting, such as pneumatic mufflers.

What’s more, Filson porous bronze filter is cleanable, you can choose conventional cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, or solution cleaning, and each way can extend our product utilization life. We offer OEM service, if you want special shapes or dimensions, please send us your requirements.

Filson is a preeminent company with more than two decades of manufacturing top-rate porous bronze filters, we promise to provide a wide range of porous filters for our customers, such as porous nickel filters, porous titanium filters, monel filters cartridges, etc.

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