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Filson supplies a series of pool filter cartridges and pool filter cartridge replacements of many popular brands. These pool filter cartridges are mainly made of polypropylene(PP), own a multi-pleats construction.

Filson pool filter cartridge is washable for achieving longer service time and becomes a more cost-effective choice. If you are looking for a filter that can best fit your pool, hot tub, and SPA filtration needs, we sincerely introduce you to the pool filter cartridges below.

Pool Filter Cartridge

Pool Filter Cartridge A or C
Filson pool filter cartridge A or C are the most commonly used types of pool filter cartridge, with the standard OD as 108mm in diameter and 203mm in height.
Pool Filter Cartridge Type B
Filson pool filter cartridge type B mainly adopts PP cloth as filter media, featured by its washability and reusability.
Pool Filter Cartridge Type D
Filson pool filter cartridge type D is very easy to install and take off from the filter pump since it's simple cylindrical structure and optional connection styles.
Above Ground Pool Filter Cartridge
Filson above ground pool filter cartridge is ideally suitable for most above ground swimming pool pump, facilities maintenance of whole swimming pool filtration system.
SPA Filter Cartridge
Filson SPA filter cartridge owns large dirt holding capacity benefits from multiple pleats, performs well in keeping the clarity of SPA water with filtration accuracy up to 5µm.
Hot Tub Filter Cartridge
Filson hot tub filter cartridge can be formed with a handle, helps on protecting pump and heater of hot tub, reducing damage from dirt clogging with a long service life.
Foam Pool Filter
Filson foam pool filters come in a cylindrical shape as standard, with a drilled hole on the center for easy installation.
Pleatco Pool Filters Replacement
Filson always provides various types of pleatco pool filters replacement, compatible with many filter system models like Pleatco PWW50.
Intex Pool Filter Replacement
Filson can manufacture series of Intex pool filter replacement models like type A, type H, or type S1, which perfectly adapt with Intex filter pumps 2604 and 1000, etc.
Bestway Pool Filter Replacement
Filson supplies most models of Bestway pool filter replacement such as Bestway Size 2, which designed for 530GPH or 800GPH filter pumps.
Jacuzzi Replacement Filters
With one-piece glued high sealed configuration, Filson Jacuzzi replacement filters show extensive suitability in Jacuzzi hot tubs including J-200, J-300 and J-400 series.
Unicel Replacement Filter Cartridge
Filson offers you whole lines of Unicel replacement filter cartridges such as C4950 filter erplacement, also can be used as a replacement for PRB50-IN or FC-2390.
Pentair Pool Filter Replacement
Filson Pentair pool filter replacement adopts exactly the same size standard with Pentair pool filter. For instance, Filson CCP520 owns the size 32”*7”(L*OD), same as Pentair CCP520.
Filbur Pool Filters Replacement
Filson Fillbur pool filters replacement is generally used for your pool cartridge filter system, certainly can also be used in fish tank, aquarium, etc.
Coleman Pool Filter Cartridge Replacement
Filson is available in providing you Coleman pool filter cartridge replacement in multiple models such as type I, type II, type III, widely used in pool, hot tub, above ground pool, etc.
Hayward Pool Filter Cartridge Replacement
Filson Hayward pool filter cartridge replacements will provide you effective filtration efficiency by the porous structure and high flow rate capacity.
Artesian Spa Filter Replacement
Taking advantage of alkalies and acids resistance, Filson Artesian SPA filter replacement shows convenient washing capability and prominent durability.
Polygroup Filter Cartridges Replacement
FIlson Polygroup filter cartridges replacement do not contain a central chlorine tablet, please keep it from chlorine cleaner such as 84 disinfectant during cleaning to avoid damages.

Why Choose Filson?

Filson has a long track record of producing filter elements and designing whole filter systems, at least 18 years. Until now, Filson has always aimed to be the best pool filter cartridge brand through innovative design and a spirit of good cooperation.

Filson supplies numerous pool filter cartridge models such as standard model pool filter cartridge A or C, type B, type H and, type S1. All of them are always insufficient stock, so that satisfy your urgent or large quantity order with quick delivery.

Filson Pool Filter Cartridge Catalog

Filson: One of the Best Pool Filter Manufacturers in China(MOQ-50PCs)

Filson pool filter cartridges are customizable in pleat numbers to attain your special filtration efficiency and enhanced dirt holding capability. For your requirement of a high filtration effect, Filson pool filter cartridges can obtain an outstanding filtration accuracy of up to 5 µm.

Cartridge pool filters for above ground pools

Cartridge Pool Filters for Above Ground Pools

By removing soil, sand, floater, hair, fiber, or other dirt and impurity particle from water, Filson pool filter cartridges can help to maintain the clarity of water effectively and keep the pool working normally.

Filson standard pool filter cartridges are formed as the most simplified cylindrical shape, but also capable of designing with special constructions. Therefore, they are perfectly suitable for most models of pool cartridge filter systems, while providing advantages of easy installation and removal.

Foam pool filter cartridge supplier in China

Foam Pool Filter Cartridge Supplier in China

Moreover, Filson pool filter cartridge also has great scrub resistance due to the reinforced thick PP felt material, thus owning better strength and longer lifespan. It will last for 3-5 years but certainly effects by the frequency of use and the way you clean it.  

Filson’s best pool filter cartridges are widely used in aquariums, fish tanks, and other filter equipment. Moreover, they are capable to apply as replacements like above-ground pool filter replacement or indoor/outdoor swimming pool filter cartridge replacement as well.

Pleated pool filter cartridge replacement

Pleated Pool Filter Cartridge Replacement

You can work with us assuredly since Filson is a direct factory with a professional team. By owning more than 10 expert engineers, Filson is capable of helping you with an absolute majority of pool filter cartridge questions.

Pool and spa filter cartridge details

Pool and Spa Filter Cartridge Details

The MOQ for a regular Filson pool filter cartridge is 50 PCs. In addition, Filson is always ready to fulfill your OEM demanding or free samples request. For each OEM order, Filson can send you processing pictures or videos as producing feedback.

Pool filter manufacturers

Pool Filter Manufacturers

Filson will provide sturdy packaging for each order. Small quantities order will adopt carbon cases as packing material; large quantities of filters will be packed in wooden cases to avoid damage or deformation during the transportation.

Pool Filter Cartridge A or C B D

Pool Filter Cartridge A or C B D

If you want more information on Filson pool filter cartridges, please don’t hesitate to contact directly with us!

Spa and hot tub filter cartridge manufacturer in China

Spa and Hot Tub Filter Cartridge Manufacturer in China

What Size Cartridge Filter Do I Need for My Pool?

The easiest way to choose a pool filter cartridge is to check your filter model number or measure your existing filter/filter pump housing size and compare it with standard models.

If you can not obtain the exact size of your pool filter, picking a larger one is a wise choice to save your maintenance cost and extend the cleaning interval. In contrast, a smaller one may reduce the filtering effect since the extra clearance between housing and filter.

If the pool filter model is unclear as well, you can mail Filson the pool size to get recommending options.

What’s the Difference Between the Type S1 VS VI Filter?

The pool filter cartridge Type S1 is smaller than VI filters about half an inch. The filter requires a good seal inside the filter housing to ensure enough pressure for water passing. Besides, if your pool filter cartridge is inappropriate, it will malfunction since the created extra space.

What’s the Difference Between Type A and C Pool Filters?

The type A and C pleated pool filter is generally provided for A/C compatible pumps as a single model with several universal gaskets to change the fitting size for adapting your filter pump, while Filson pool cartridge can be adapted for both A and C pump fittings generally.

How Can I Choose Pool Filter Cartridges by Size?

If you are looking for a replacement for your existing filter cartridge, just measure the old one and find the same size product from the information below.

If you prefer a replacement cartridge exactly the same as the specific brand, send our engineer team an email with the model name, and then you will get a quick quote.



Type A/CType BType DType S1Type H Type IType IIType VIType VII
Standard materialPP clothPP clothPP clothPP clothPP clothPP clothPP clothPP clothPP cloth
Tip: models not listed are also available on demand, please consult Filson directly.


Bonus tip:

Every model of pool filter cartridge should be kept from high chlorine content cleaner, as it will quickly rupture by excessive chlorination. Normal levels of chlorine and bromine disinfection work well and all these PP filter cloths are capable of normal levels as tested.

How Often to Clean the Pool Cartridge Filter?

You can deeply clean your pool cartridge filter every 6 months to maintain filtration efficiency and prevent the inside clogging of the pool filter. Its service life will be affected by the power of your filter, water temperature, and probably if cleaners are used.

Note: If there are trees by the pool or your pool is frequently used, you will find that the pool cartridge filter clogs quickly. So the cleaning cycle does not need to be strictly followed.

How to Clean Pool Filter Cartridges?

For a quick rinse, you can remove your pool filter cartridge and scrub with a cartridge cleaner tool, then wash under a strong water pressure to remove loose particles. Here, the best way to deep clean pool filter cartridge is to dilute pool filter cartridge cleaner with water, and fully submerge the filter in it.

Then let the pool filter cartridge be set for about 24 hours. After that, please rinse the filter with clean water until there is no foam generation. Therefore, the pool filter cartridge will be very clean and won’t generate foam when in use.

How Often to Change Intex Pool Filter?

Generally, Intex filter cartridges are commended to change after 3 to 5 years. But when you find the time interval of cleaning has shortened to half than the past, it’s time to replace.

How Often to Clean Hot Tub Filter?

You can make a deep clean every 6 months to prevent building up and clogging.

How to Clean Hot Tub Filter?

  1. How to remove the hot tub filter?

Before cleaning, you must need to remove your hot tub filter first.

There will be a large and round/rectangle lid on the top wall of your hot tub, you will find the filter housing on the corner. Then you can see the spa filter is held by the housing in space and assure water flow passes through the filter.

You can move the lid from this housing easily by twisting or lifting the lid up, then take the filter cartridge off softly which is just inside the housing.

  1. Cleaning methods

The best way to clean a hot tub filter is to dilute the hot tub filter cleaning solution and soak your hot tub filter cartridge in it for about 24 hours. After chemicals work, you may spray and flush the filter thoroughly to remove all substances and residue of the hot tub filter cleaning solution.

How to Clean Lazy Spa Filters?

For the deepest cleaning, you need to submerge every part of your lazy spa filter in the cleaning solution, and it can really clear the inside pores of fiber.

How Much Do Filson Pool Filter Cartridges Cost?

Filson pool filter cartridges are always provided at a competitive price without losing high quality. Please contact us by a call or email with your required filter cartridge model. Of course, a discount is necessary if you purchase in bulk.

Package of Filson Pool Filter Cartridges:

Every single Filson pool filter cartridge will be heat sealed to prevent external contamination or filter cloth damages during shipping.

Filson Pool Filter Cartridge Specifications:

  • OD: 7.8cm – 10.8cm
  • Length/Height: 7.4cm – 20cm
  • Filtration accuracy: ≥5 µm
  • Color: blue, gray, white…
  • Construction materials: polyethylene terephthalate(PET),

polyurethane(PU), polypropylene(PP)

  • MOQ: 50PCs

Note: sizes of Filson pool filter cartridges are fully dependent on your demands, and the number of the pleats is customizable in amazingly 150.

Filson Pool Filter Cartridge Features:

  • Effective in protecting the pool from bacteria
  • Washable and reusable for longer-lasting time
  • High alkalies and acids resistance from PP material
  • Cost-effectiveness than the original filter cartridge
  • Easy to install and maintain with customized design

Filson Pool Filter Cartridge Applications:

  • Swimming pool
  • Above ground pool
  • Hot tub
  • Aquarium
  • Fish tank
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