Filson Pond Drum Filter

  • Simple and compact structure
  • Excellent hydraulic characteristics with wedge-shaped drum
  • High reliability and small footprint
  • Automatic wash recycle to clean filter screen
  • Low installation height from pond level
  • High water pressure&water penetration
  • Good flow rate capabilities
  • Clean pond water effectively

Firstly, water flows by gravity or pump from the pond to the Filson pond drum filter. As the pond water flows through the unit, any solids larger than 60-70 microns in size will be captured by our drum filter. After the pond water has been filtered through the Filson pond drum filter, it is pumped to an additional filter unit for further cleaning and then returned to the pond.

As waste builds up on the screen, the water level in the Filson pond drum filter is lowered until a preset cleaning level is reached. When this happens, the cleaning nozzles are activated and the accumulated waste is pushed into the treatment outlet during the cleaning cycle. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the filtration process begins again.

  • Housing material: PP/PVC/Stainless Steel
  • Filtration precision :30-6000um
  • Max flow: upto 100m³/ h
  • Stainless steel filter panels: standard 70 microns (customized support )
  • Filter mesh: SS316L/SS304
  • Capacity: from 10T/Hr to 100T/Hr sea water or fresh water treatment

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Pond Drum Filter

Your Filson Pond Drum Filter Manufacturer in China

Filson pond drum filter, also called drum filter koi pond, is an automated filtration system for pond or Koi pond. It removes debris and fish excrement from waters quickly and regularly through a standard 70micron fine mesh.

In addition, Filson pond drum filter has very low energy consumption, 1.3watts in standby mode and 150 in cleaning. Filson has pump fed gravity fed system for you to choose.

With Filson pond drum filter, you don’t need to hand wash filter media pads or settling chamber and change water regularly. It provides automatic maintenance and removes waste from pond water to improve the environment.

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