Polyethylene Filter Membrane

  • Suitable for filtering air due to hydrophobicity
  • Disposable products to operate conveniently
  • Thin thickness while huge dirt holding capacity
  • Ideal for high-purity solutions with chemical stability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance to filter chemical solutions
  • Accordant with industrial sterilization grade requirement
  • Tiny aperture 0.05 microns to capture extra-fine impurities
  • Compatible with gamma irradiation sterilization method

Filson polyethylene filter membrane is round or square filter membrane fabricated of 100% polyethylene. It is highly hydrophobic, which is ideal for filtering gases, and can effectively capture the impurities and gases in the gas.

  • Raw Material: polyethylene
  • Shape: round or square
  • Round Diameter: 25mm-90mm
  • Thickness: 60 microns-168 microns
  • Pore Size: 0.05μm, 0.1μm, 0.2μm, 0.45μm, etc.
  • Square Size: 200×200mm, 300×300mm, etc.
  • Package:50pcs or 100pcs/bag
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Polyethylene Filter Membrane

Your Reliable Polyethylene Filter Membrane Expert and Supplier

Compared to filter membranes of other materials, Filson polyethylene filter membrane is able to maintain traits under gamma irradiation, therefore it can be used to filter samples that require gamma sterilization.

Designed to provide high performance products, Filson uses advanced materials to design and produce polyethylene filter membrane in strict accordance with standard specifications.

Our polyethylene filter membrane has accurate pore size as small as 0.05 microns and has the ability to filter microorganisms or viruses. It also reaches micron level grade in thickness, which is very easy to replace and use.

As an OEM factory, Filson always provide you with one-stop gas filtration solution. We can design personalized sizes and specifications polyethylene filter membrane according to your needs to be better compatible with your system.

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