Polyester Foam Blocks

  • Retardant to flame, UL-94 or FMVSS standard approved
  • Undeformed and not out of shape due to high modulus
  • Antistatic capacity due to the lamination of special films
  • High mechanical strength and great abrasion resistance
  • Excellent insulating property, low electrical conductivity

Filson polyester foam blocks are flexible polyester foam materials with an open cell structure. They are ideal for gaskets, sound absorption, packing solutions, and other industrial applications. We have various options to choose from, like different colors, densities, dimensions, etc.

  • Color: white, gray, black
  • Dimension: 2000*1200*1000mm, or customized
  • Density: 10 – 80 kg/m3
  • PPI: 10 – 120 PPI
  • Minimum order quantity: 100 PCs

Note: above sheets are for reference purposes only, please contact us for more details.

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Filson Polyester Foam Blocks

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Filson polyester foam blocks are very versatile, being ideal for a variety of applications such as noise reduction in the acoustical industry, sealing, anti-vibration, cushioning, packaging, and so on. The foam blocks can be die-cut, drilled, milled, or flame-laminated to meet your unique needs.

Due to the three-dimensional skeletal chain structure, Filson polymer foam blocks show excellent chemical stability. Thus they are resistant to the majority of reagents, such as acids (especially organic acids), dilute or weak alkali, acetone, chloroform, toluene, carbon tetrachloride, etc.

Filson polyester foam blocks have very low moisture regain down to 0.4% under the standard state. The low hygroscopicity contributes to a less decrease of wet strength. So they can maintain a normal shape in a moist environment without expanding.

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