Pneumatic Muffler

Providing Efficient Noise Reduction Solutions with Compact Design

Filson pneumatic muffler is an ideal and efficient solution for those applications that generate high levels of noise or require frequent pneumatic operations. It is capable of offering excellent sound reduction performance with its porous structure and compact construction design.

For two decades, Filson has served thousands of customers from more than 40 countries and regions with well received. Moreover, many university laboratories and high-tech industries are our faithful partners, we would like to share our recent case studies with you.

At FILSON, you have come to the right place for a pneumatic muffler/silencer.

Pneumatic Muffler

Sintered Bronze Muffler
Filson sintered bronze muffler is a common version of Filson pneumatic muffler products, providing good noise reduction performance and economical prices. It is more suitable for non-corrosive and neutral environments.
Stainless Steel Pneumatic Muffler
Filson stainless steel pneumatic muffler, also called stainless steel silencer, can be your best selection for various pharmaceutical and food industries. It may cost a little higher than other types, but offers unmatched corrosion and high-temperature resistance.
Plastic Muffler
Filson plastic muffler, also named plastic silencer, is generally made of sintered plastic with light weight and excellent chemical resistance. It can withstand temperature up to 60℃ with maximum pressure of 1 Mpa.
High Flow Muffler
Filson high flow muffler, also called high flow pneumatic silencer, mainly consists of a stainless steel core and a aluminum shell. Its unique slotted or perforated body design allows a rapid discharge of air without undesirable back pressure.
High Pressure Pneumatic Muffler
Filson high pressure pneumatic muffler, or called high pressure air muffler, features high strength and excellent performance of high-pressure noise control. This type is recommended for use in environments where the pressure exceeds 10 bar.
Pneumatic Air Muffler
Filson pneumatic air muffler, also known as pneumatic air silencer, is contributed to reducing noise levels and avoiding unwanted discharge of contamination from pneumatic devices. It can be designed with flexible thread connections.
Compressed Air Muffler
Filson compressed air muffler, also called compressed air exhaust muffler, is an ideal solution for controlling noise from compressed air. It can easily reduce the noise generated by pneumatic valves to maintain healthy hearing of operators.
Pneumatic Exhaust Muffler
Filson pneumatic exhaust muffler, also referred to as pneumatic exhaust silencer, is very essential for every exhaust port of pneumatic devices. We provide a wide range of material, shape, size options for your different applications.
Pneumatic Speed Control Muffler
Filson pneumatic speed control muffler is usually composed with sintered bronze filter element and brass shell, optional sizes of threaded connections. It can works well at maximum pressure of 300 psi with wide operating temperature range from 35 to 300 ℉.
Conical Muffler
Filson conical muffler is a kind of pneumatic silencer muffler with a conical shape which used for sound reduction. It is a common style which can be design in male or female thread connections.
Pneumatic Breather Vent
Filson manufactures various pneumatic breather vents to meet different needs, from sintered bronze breather vent to stainless steel breather vent. It is a flat head version which widely used for gear boxes, oil tanks, or reservoirs.
Air Compressor Exhaust Muffler
Filson air compressor exhaust muffler, also named air compressor muffler silencer, has some major changes from the common models. It is specially designed for air compressors or adsorption air dryers with superior noise reduction capacity.
Air Muffler Silencer
Filson air muffler silencer can be simply installed on the outlet ports of various pneumatic valves by its flexible BSP/NPT threaded connection designs. It performs prominent noise level reduction to effectively create a harmless working environment.
Air Exhaust Muffler
Filson specializes in manufacturing diverse air exhaust mufflers with standard micron ratings from 0.2 to 90 μm. Widely used for blowers, compressors, engines, vacuum pumps, air motors, and any other applications that require noise level reduction.
Replacement Pneumatic Muffler
Filson is an experienced and professional factory to manufacture replacement pneumatic mufflers of a variety of popular brands, such as Festo silencer, Parker muffler, Smc silencer, Norgren muffler. We have complete cross-reference data to ensure equal details.

Why Filson

FILSON owns a series of vacuum sintering furnaces equipment, dust-free production workshops, as well as a team of expert engineers and skilled workers. With over 18 years of infiltration, Filsoners have always been innovative and progressive, committing to designing and manufacturing pneumatic mufflers with the best quality.

Filson pneumatic mufflers can easily help you diffuse air, filter contamination, and muffle noise with excellent performance. We insist on a strict production process, from raw material choice to quality test before delivery, to guarantee maximum durability and reliability.

Pneumatic Muffler Drawing Filson Filter Drawing

Filson Pneumatic Muffler Catalog

Filson: Manufacturing Quality Pneumatic Mufflers with Competitive Prices

Filson pneumatic muffler, also referred to as pneumatic silencer, pneumatic muffler silencer, pneumatic silencer muffler, plays a significant role in various pneumatic applications. It can effectively reduce the noise by 15 to 35 dB, creating a safe and healthier working environment for equipment operators.

Pneumatic Muffler Cleanable and Durable

Pneumatic Muffler Cleanable and Durable

Filson manufactures kinds of pneumatic mufflers, among sintered bronze muffler, sintered plastic muffler, and stainless steel muffler types are frequently ordered. Filson pneumatic muffler in every material has its own properties and suitable conditions, our technicians will help you find out the appropriate one.

For example, Filson sintered bronze muffler is a typical and cost-effective choice, very suitable for some non-corrosive and neutral environments; while if you focus on high corrosion resistance and lightweight, please pick Filson sintered plastic muffler.

Pneumatic Muffler Equiped on Solenoid Valves

Pneumatic Muffler Equiped on Solenoid Valves

Filson pneumatic silencer mufflers feature high durability and long service life, especially Filson sintered stainless steel pneumatic mufflers. It is widely used in food and pharmaceutical applications, as it requires a higher cost budget than other types.

Filson pneumatic mufflers are characterized by uniform pore sizes and high porosity, with standard accuracy of 0.2-90 μm. Plus, it is commonly designed in a cylinder shape, flat shape (pneumatic breather vent) or cone shape (conical muffler), or some easy-to-install shapes.

Pneumatic Muffler in Different Materials and Styles

Pneumatic Muffler in Different Materials and Styles

In addition, Filson pneumatic muffler silencers are capable of withstanding a wide range of temperature variations from -10℃ to 300℃ at high pressure up to 25 bar conditions. Standard Filson pneumatic mufflers are available in diameter from 0.25 mm or customized based on your shared specification requirements.

Pneumatic Muffler Manufacturer Sintered Breather Vent

Pneumatic Muffler Manufacturer Sintered Breather Vent

Filson pneumatic mufflers are attained in several connection designs for easy and quick installation. Commonly, we design threaded connections for Filson pneumatic mufflers according to BSP (British Standard Pipe) or NPT (National Pipe Thread) standards, to make them tightly integrated into the equipment.

Certainly, you can require male thread or female thread style for your pneumatic muffler fully based on your existing system need. Or a unique push-in design is available if you’re desired.

Pneumatic Muffler Plastic Muffler

Pneumatic Muffler Plastic Muffler

You can directly install Filson pneumatic muffler at the exhaust port of the valve, cylinder, manifold, and fitting. Its particular porous and compact construction achieves a larger surface area, benefiting from the reduction of turbulence, thereby decreasing noise levels.

However, Filson pneumatic mufflers do run the potential of being clogged after a period of use, as it has the ability to filter oil mist and dust from the air while reducing noise. You are recommended to regularly clean and maintain its housing and thread part for equipment downtime avoidance.

Or you can equip an additional filter as a cleaner for the Filson pneumatic muffler, to avoid premature clogging and damage. This is especially essential when it needs to operate in a toxic or dirty air environment, or if you require a sterile environment.

Pneumatic Muffler Sintered Bronze Muffler

Pneumatic Muffler Sintered Bronze Muffler

With over 18 years of experience in the filtration field, Filson not only excels at producing pneumatic muffler, but also create designs and continuous technologies’ development. We have many existing drawings for you to choose from if you have no installation limitations, but we prefer to design a drawing totally upon your required dimensions.

No matter, for metallic pneumatic mufflers or plastic mufflers, Filson all has a certain amount in stock to satisfy some urgent orders. Besides, our specialized production line is also on standby, we target to supply cost-effective pneumatic silencer mufflers with minimal delivery time.

Please focus on the effect it will have on the airflow before installing a Filson pneumatic silencer muffler on your machine. Since any undersizing or clogging may cause back pressure resulting in damage to equipment, a discussion about any details is necessary.

Before delivery, we will rigorously check each pneumatic muffler through bubble point test, pressure test and more, to ensure that demanded strength, porosity, permeability, flow control, and filtration rating are achieved.

Pneumatic Muffler with Various Material Options

Pneumatic Muffler with Various Material Options

Filson is very happy to assist you to meet any sound reduction or filtration challenges with our quality pneumatic mufflers. 24/7 service for you. Please feel free to use our contact forms:

Call: 86 – 157 3695 8886


Filson Pneumatic Muffler Features

  • Uniform pore sizes with high porosity
  • Excellent strength and high-pressure resistance
  • Widely resistant to temperatures and chemicals
  • Cleanable and reusable with extended longevity
  • Superior noise reduction and filtration performance
  • Optional male/female thread or push-in connections
  • Various shape and size options for different applications

Filson Pneumatic Muffler Specifications

  • Material: bronze, stainless steel, plastic
  • Operating Pressure: up to 25 bar
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to 300℃
  • Micron Rating: 0.2-90 μm
  • Diameter: from 2.5 mm
  • Height/Length(overall): 25-95 mm
  • Flow Rate: 200-33600 L/min
  • Shape: cylinder, cone, flat or irregular
  • Noise Reduction Range: 15-35 dB(A)
  • MOQ: 10 PCs

Note: any custom dimensions available, please consult Filson.

Filson Pneumatic Muffler Application

  • Air cylinders
  • Air motors
  • Air dryers
  • Solenoid valves
  • Compressors
  • Air-driven equipment/tools
  • Hoists

People Also Ask

What is a Pneumatic Muffler?

A pneumatic muffler is an ideal and efficient noise reduction component for various pneumatic equipment and other air exhaust port where it may generate harmful noise. Typically, it is also called a pneumatic silencer, pneumatic muffler silencer, pneumatic silencer muffler.

The pneumatic muffler can be manufactured in kinds of materials based on your application need, among the most frequently used types are sintered bronze muffler, stainless-steel muffler, and plastic muffler. You can discuss every detail with Filson engineers freely before production.

1.What is a Pneumatic Muffler

What Does a Pneumatic Muffler Do?

The pneumatic muffler is capable of providing an effective noise reduction performance of 15-35 dB(A), meanwhile protecting equipment from unwanted particulates.

Besides, it can also filter the exhaust airflow, removing oil mist and more contamination to ensure that the air released into the atmosphere is clean.

Is There Any Difference Between Sintered Bronze Mufflers and Stainless Steel Mufflers?

Exactly, yes. There are several differences between the sintered bronze muffler and stainless steel muffler, as shown below:

1. Sintered bronze muffler is more economical, while stainless steel muffler requires a higher cost budget.

2. Sintered bronze muffler is more suitable for non-corrosion and neutral environments, and stainless steel muffler can work well in high corrosive operation conditions.

3. Sintered bronze muffler is commonly manufactured inaccuracy of 40 μm and stainless steel muffler has 70 μm standard micron rating. Of course, these are for reference only, we can provide any accuracy from 0.2 μm to meet your specific needs.

Is There Any Difference Between Sintered Bronze Mufflers and Stainless Steel Mufflers

How To Install a Pneumatic Muffler?

The pneumatic muffler can be easily installed on the exhaust port of solenoid valves, air cylinders, vacuum pumps, air compressors, and other pneumatic equipment by its flexible connections.

We usually design NPT/BSP thread or push-in joints to ensure a tight and reliable connection.

How to Install a Pneumatic Muffler

Can I Clean The Pneumatic Muffler? How To Clean?

Sure. The pneumatic muffler is cleanable and reusable to maintain a long service life. You are recommended to clean it through water/air jetting or chemical soaking to ensure it stays in top condition.

In effect, a regular check and cleaning are necessary, because prolonged blockages may lead to increased back pressure, potentially resulting in equipment damage and downtime. And, if the blockage is not cleaned in time, the noise reduction effect will be reduced.

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