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Filson pleated sintered filter cartridge owns a unique pleated design to amazingly offer large filtration area. Compared to similar size cylindrical filter, this folded configuration contributes up to 3 times dirt holding capacity to take less space for installation.

You can easily clean Filson pleated sintered filter cartridge by back washing, back-flushing, ultrasonic or other methods. It will still maintain the filtration efficiency of 90% from original after even 3 – 5 times of cleaning.

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Filson standard pleated sintered filter cartridge achieves the filtration rating of 1-200 micron, and certainly can be customized by selecting various materials and pore sizes. Meanwhile, lengths and diameters are also available in numerous options to satisfy your independent needs.

  • Raw material: SS 304/316Lor other special alloys are also available
  • Filtration rating: 1-200 micron
  • Porosity: up to 90%
  • Length: 99-1490mm
  • Diameter: 35-80mm
  • Operating temperature: -200 °C to 600 °C
  • Cleaning methods: backflushing, ultrasonic cleaning, cleaning solution

Note: material/micron rating/thickness/length/diameter are permitted to customize

  • Porosity up to 90% for high filtration efficiency
  • Stable pore sizeto provide excellent permeability
  • Large dirt holding capacityby unique pleated design
  • Various cleaning methods including physical&chemical ways
  • Wide temperature resistance range to fit harsh environment
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