Plain Dutch Weave Screen Pack

  • High mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance
  • Customized service as well as competitive prices
  • Available in different dimensions and edges
  • Solid triangular opening, suitable for high pressure filtration
  • Used for gas and liquid filtration, metal plastic filtration
  • In accordance with ISO: 9001 quality certification

Plain dutch weave screen pack can be designed and manufactured into different dimensions and edges to meet your specific requirements. The mesh counts of plain dutch weave screen pack is between 4 and 400.

  • Raw material: stainless steel wire
  • Diameter: 0.02-2mm
  • Mesh counts: 4-400
  • Layer: standard five layers or at request
  • Micron rating: from 5 micron to 340 micron
  • Weaving type: plain dutch weave
  • Package: wooden case or carton
  • Working temperature: up to 480℃
  • Quality certification: comply with ISO: 9001 standards

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Plain Dutch Weave Screen Pack

Your Dependable Plain Dutch Weave Screen Pack Manufacturer in China

Plain dutch weaving, similar to plain weaving(only the weft and warp have different mesh size and wire diameter), is one of the most frequently used weaving types for extrusion. If you want to know details of plain dutch weaving methods, please consult Filson engineers.

Plain dutch weave screen pack is made of stainless steel wire mesh. Compared to normal square or rectangular mesh, plain dutch weave screen pack has higher strength. It is suitable for high pressure filtration. It features excellent resistance to acid or alkali.

Plain dutch weave screen pack has been applied to gas and liquid filtration and precise pressure filtration. It can also be used for absorption, evaporation and filtration process in petroleum, chemical, medicine, metallurgy, machinery and other industries.

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