Multi-Purpose and High-Performance PES Filter in China

Filson always takes customer satisfaction as our goal, constantly innovating technology and expanding scale. We offer full-range of superior PES filters that meet your various filtering needs.

  • Having passed ISO9001 and CE certifications
  • High filtration efficiency up to 99.99%
  • Quick flow rate reaches up to 5 L/min/cm²
  • Wide particles capture ability from 0.1μm to 12μm
  • Strict sterilization procedure ensures 100% sterility

What is PES Filter?

Filson PES filter has PES as filtration media, including filter membrane, cartridge filter, capsule filter, syringe filter, bottle top filter and many other types. Having high purity raw materials and strict production process, our PES filter is able to perform extremely high performance.

With hydrophilic characteristic, Filson PES filter has high liquid flux that allows the liquid to pass quickly. Its porous structure provides high filtration efficiency and great contaminant retention capacity. It also has extremely low protein binding capacity and extracts.

Filson PES filter is available in both sterile and non-sterile options. Being compatible with autoclaving, EtO, gamma radiation and other sterilization methods, its cleanliness is very high to avoid contaminated sample solution, widely applied in chromatographic analysis, laboratory sample reduction, biological culture, etc.

PES Filter Main Categories

PES Membrane Filter

Having asymmetric pore structure, Filson PES membrane filter obtains huge dirty retention capacity and large liquid flow, which allows our product performance well in removing particles. Supports thermal bonding and ultrasonic welding, it also has good sealing capacity.

PES Cartridge Filter

With uniform pleated design, Filson PES cartridge filter has large effective filtration area and dirt holding capacity. It has passed ISO9001 certification and meets the requirements of medicine and food contact use, widely used in pharmaceutical, food&beverage and other fields.

PES Syringe Filter

Composed of PES membrane and high-density PP housing, Filson PES syringe filter has extremely less retention amount, high throughput and robust construction. It has female luer lock and male luer slip design, which can be tight connected with syringe without any leakage.

PES Capsule Filter

Featuring chemical resistance, high flow rate, and low protein binding properties, Filson PES capsule filter includes PES filter membrane and PP capsule housing. Its filter accuracy ranges from 0.1 micron to 5 microns for a variety of laboratory or industrial filtration requirements.

PES Bottle Top Filter

Though gamma radiation sterilized and individually bagged, Filson PES bottle top filter lasts for at least 5 years. Its diameter membrane up to increase more than 44% filtration area than other membrane, which greatly reduce the possibility of clogging during fast filtration.

Common Apertures of PES Filter (3)

  • 0.22 micron PES filter
    Mainly used for sterile filtering, Filson 0.22 micron PES filter has fine and accurate aperture to capture more than 99.9% microorganisms or particulates. We have high standard environment and strict production process, performing 100% sterilized by autoclaving, EtO, γ-irradiation, etc.
  • 0.45μm PES Filter
    Compared with 0.22 micron, Filson 0.45μm PES filter has larger pore sizes that can be used to clarify liquids and remove particles larger than 0.45 microns. With PES as filtration media, it has extremely low protein or medicine binding capacity, realizing maximum sample recovery.
  • 1.2 micron PES Filter
    As one of the most common PES filters, Filson 1.2 micron PES filter contains a variety of types and sizes available to meet most of filtration requirements. It has excellent chemical resistance and temperature resistance, up to 130℃, able to maintain its own property in special environments.

Filson PES Filter Benefits

Porous Structure
Porous Structure

With porosity up to 75%, Filson PES filter allows huge flow speed. Furthermore, its pores are asymmetric to increase the particle loading capacity.

Accurate Aperture
Accurate Aperture

Filson produces PES filters through automated machines, therefore the products have very precise specifications and high-degree of consistency.

Competitive Price

The raw materials of PES filter are not expensive. Filson sets reasonable price to give you the most favorable price and the highest cost performance.

Multiple Functions

Featured with wide aperture range from 0.1 micron to 12 microns, Filson PES filter can not only sterilize, but also clarify, purify or pre-filter solutions.

Filson PES Filter Advantages

  • Low protein-binding capacity to be suitable for biological solutions
  • Hydrophilic property to liquid filtration without pre-wetting
  • High porosity over 75% improves the filtration efficiency
  • Low extract content to avoid contaminating samples
  • Huge fluids throughput even for highly viscous solutions
  • Excellent stability, being inert to chemicals and medicines
  • Advanced sealing technology without any adhesive or additives
  • Multiple types and sizes to be compatible with most systems
  • Asymmetric pore structure provides great particle loading capacity
  • High-temperature resistance to maintain good performance at 130℃
PES Filter Advantages
PES Filter Specifications

Filson PES Filter Specifications

  • Filtration Media: high-purity PES
  • Housing Materials: PP, PE
  • Filtration Efficiency: up to 99.99%
  • Aperture Range: 0.1 micron-12 microns
  • Protein Binding Capacity: less than 10 μg/cm²
  • Membrane Thickness: 110 microns-150 microns
  • Working Temperature: 130℃
  • Flow Rate: up to 5 L/min/cm²
  • PH Tolerance Range: 1-14
  • Porosity: up to 75%
  • Extractables: less than 1%

Why Choose Filson PES Filter

From selecting raw materials, designing drawings, putting into production, testing quality to packaging and delivery, Filson is all in charge. We have reliable material suppliers, advanced devices, professional designers and experienced workers to offer you one-stop filtration solution.

For all types of PES filters, Filson has ample inventories to ensure fast delivery. As a veteran OEM factory, we offer customized services, providing you personalized PES filters according to your requirements. We are also glad to give you samples if you need.

Filson always regards customers’ satisfaction as our unremitting pursuit. We always provide high quality and favourable PES filters and have been unanimously recognized and highly evaluated by users worldwide.

If you have any questions or needs, please contact us by phone + 86-157 3695 8886 or email,we will wait for you 24/7.

Applications of PES Filter


Buffers, culture medium and biological samples used in cell culture field contain a large number of proteins, so PES filters with low protein-binding property is very suitable in biological field. Its 0.1μm aperture can effectively remove mycoplasma, bacteria or other microorganisms.


After advanced production process, Filson PES filter has less than 1% extract content and does not pollute the medicine. It has accurate aperture and high impurity removal efficiency up to 99.9%, well enough to meet the requirements of high purity in pharmaceutical industry.


Filson PES filter membrane has passed the drug contact standard, and it is ideal for filtering drugs in the medical field. Its natural hydrophilicity ensures the rapid passage of liquid through without pre-wetting, playing an important role in transfusion, blood testing and other aspects.


Being capable to maintain original properties in corrosive environments such as acid and base, Filson PES filter has high chemical inertness and is compatible with most chemicals. It is commonly used to filter corrosive solutions, chromatographic samples, catalyst, etc.


The laboratory needs small filters with accurate filtration accuracy, the PES filter membrane and syringe filter perfectly meet the needs of them. Filson PES filters has light weight, small volume and low liquid retention, while providing high flow rate and large dirt holding capacity.

Food & Beverage

Accordant with ISO9001 certification and food contact grade requirements, Filson PES filter is commonly seen in food and beverage industry. It goes through strict sterilization steps and is able to perform deep filtration or purify of beer, syrup, fruit juice and so on.

Filson: Your Reliable And Experienced PES Filter Manufacturer

With more than 20 years of designing and producing experience, Filson can offer you a wide variety of PES filters with excellent performance.

PES Filter FAQ Guide

What is The Pore Size of PES Filter?

What is The Pore Size of PES Filter

The pore size of PES filter can vary depending on the specific product and application, but common pore sizes range from 0.1 to 12 microns.

Is PES Filter Sterilizable?

Is PES Filter Sterilizable

Yes, PES filter is sterilizable by a variety of methods including autoclaving, gamma irradiation, and ethylene oxide gas.

What is The Maximum Operating Temperature of PES Filter?

What is The Maximum Operating Temperature of PES Filter

The maximum operating temperature of PES filter typically ranges from 50 to 130℃, depending on the specific product and application.

What is The Flow Rate of PES Filter?

What is The Flow Rate of PES Filter

The flow rate of PES filter can vary depending on the specific product and application, but common flow rates range from 10 to 500 milliliters per minute.

Is PES Filter Compatible with Organic Solvents?

Is PES Filter Compatible with Organic Solvents

PES filter is generally compatible with many organic solvents, but compatibility can vary depending on the specific solvent and product. It is important to check product specifications and test compatibility before use.

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