PES Capsule Filter

  • Hydrophilic material provides fast flow rates
  • Reliable quality assurance by 100% integrity test
  • Available for choices of aseptic and non-sterile
  • Good sealing because of thermal bonding technology
  • Excellent chemical compatibility by PP capsule housing
  • High bio-safety contains no harmful substances
  • Disposable products, convenient to replace and use
  • Low protein-binding capacity avoids influence sample

Constituted by high purity PES filtration membrane and PP capsule housing, Filson PES capsule filter has high liquid throughput and robust construction. We offer multiple sizes and apertures PES capsule filters to widely play important role in pharmaceutical, tissue culture, food&beverage and other industries.

  • Membrane Material: PES
  • Housing Material: PP
  • Seal Method: hot bonding
  • Aperture Range: 0.1 micron – 5 microns
  • Filtration Area: 440cm² – 1900cm²
  • Resistance Pressure: 0.42Mpa
  • Minimum Ordering Quantity: 30pcs

Note: above sheet is for reference purposes, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson PES Capsule Filter

Fast, Efficient, and Convenient Multi-Functional Filter

Filson PES capsule filter is available in both sterile and non-sterile types, and meet different filtration requirements. We sterilized filter by two methods: autoclaving for 20 minutes at 121℃ or gamma-ray radiation to avoid contamination of solutions by carrying miscellaneous bacteria.

Since the filter membrane of Filson PES capsule filter is hydrophilic and does not require pre-wetting, it provides fast flow rate. Our PES capsule filter adapts thermal adhesive method without any adhesive or surfactant, effectively avoiding the emergence of extracts.

After the PES capsule filter is finished, we use bubble point method, forward flow method and pressure attenuation method to ensure its 100% integrity and avoid leakage during filtration process. We ensure that each product is of high performance with long service life.

Filson is an OEM factory that offers one-stop filtration solution from design to production to delivery. We can offer you the most suitable product except for the standard size, whatever specification you need. Click Here to start our cooperation!

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