Perforated Casing

  • Accordance strictly with API 5CT specifications to design and produce
  • Excellent corrosion resistance due to overall anticorrosion treatment
  • Smooth inner and outer surfaces undergo the deburr process
  • Multiple perforated methods meet various requirements
  • Strong mechanical strength to resistant deformation
  • Wide applications both in water well and oil well

Usually used as a connecting bracket in oil well or water well, Filson perforated casing provides a passage between oil/water producing layer and the wellbore. Its main materials include stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum, which have excellent corrosion resistance, pressure resistance and compressive strength.

  • Raw Materials: stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminium, etc.
  • Perforate Porosity: up to 65%
  • Hole Shape: round, square or slot
  • External Diameter: from 1” to 10”
  • Internal Diameter: from 3/4” to 9-5/8”
  • Perforation Diameter: 3/8”(0.375”) to 1/2”(0.5”)
  • Perforation Patterns: non staggered, spiral staggered, or staggered

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Perforated Casing

Stable Connection Passage between Oil/Water Production Layer and Wellbore

Filson designs and produces various types of perforated casing that can meet your various needs. For example, our perforation distribution mode is straight, spiral staggered or random staggered, and the punching shape is round, square and groove shaped.

The metal materials used to manufacture perforated casing are all purchased by Filson from reliable foreign suppliers, and they have passed the API certification. Therefore, our products have outstanding performance, and they will not be damaged or corroded after long time of use.

Widely applied in water well or oil well, Filson perforated casing can be achieved in various sizes. As an OEM factory, Filson also offers customized services. As soon as you send us the required specifications, our professional engineers will design personalized drawings for you freely.

If you have any questions or needs, please Click Here to get in touch with Filson immediately, and we will satisfy you with highly speciality and refined attitude!

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