Filson Ozone Diffuser Stone

  • Precisely controlled pore sizes for uniform gas diffusion
  • Uniform ozone gas diffusion and long service life
  • Flexible configurations with adjustable sizes
  • Durable & Reliable metal construction with high strength
  • Advanced weld technology for tightest connection

A smaller pore size design means finer bubbles will be produced, which also allows for a more uniform diffusion of ozone into the liquid. Therefore, even if Filson ozone diffuser stones are a little more costly than traditional types, it is acceptable in view of their long service life.

  • Material: stainless steel, titanium, or on request
  • Micron Rating: 5-50 μm
  • Porosity: 35-50 %
  • Operating Temperature: Max. 280℃
  • Diameter(round type): 100-245 mm
  • Connection: BSP/NPT thread, SOE
  • Shape: cylinder, tube, hemispheric, spherical, flat

Note: 1. Listed above for reference only.

2. Consult Filson for custom service.

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Filson Ozone Diffuser Stone

Your Reliable Ozone Diffuser Stone Manufacturer in China

Filson ozone diffuser stone is mainly made of pure titanium, titanium alloy, or stainless steel materials, can be designed with a variety of configurations, dimensions, and pore sizes. Certainly, each of your custom designs is available to perfectly meet your unique application.

Besides, Filson ozone diffuser stone is very suitable for a broad range of harsh environments which can withstand high-temp up to 280℃. With great anti-oxidation capacity, it is capable of reducing energy consumption by 40% than other aeration devices.

Compared to traditional stone or ceramic types, Filson ozone diffuser stone performs higher strength and corrosion resistance to avoid cracking or breakage problems. Plus, its pore sizes can be designed to be from 5 to 50 microns which are very smaller than others of like 100 microns.

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