Filson Oxygen Wand

  • Easily sanitized stainless diffusion stone for long time use
  • Carefully designed heavy-duty wand with integral barb
  • Ideal device for oxygenating wort for improved yeast health
  • Fine bubbles distribution for faster oxygenation and higher efficiency
  • Full stainless steel construction for safety and health

Filson oxygen wand is mainly composed of a long thin wand and a sintered diffusion stone. It is used to oxygenate your wort or beer to provide an optimal fermentation environment for the yeast existing in the liquid.

  • Construction material: stainless steel 304, 316/316L
  • Micron rating: 0.5 – 10μm
  • Wand length: 16’’, 24’’ ( customizable based on requirements )
  • Porous element length: 1 – 4inch
  • Maximum working temperature: up to 787℃

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Filson Oxygen Wand

Your Premier Oxygen Wand Supplier in China

Filson oxygen wand, sometimes also known as oxygenation wand or O2 wand, is commonly made of stainless steel materials like SS 304, SS 316/316L. The healthy food-grade material provides a secure and non-corrosive environment for your application.

The working principle of Filson oxygen wand is really simple. Yeast needs oxygen. You can get much oxygen by shaking your bucket of wort or beer, but it takes too long. However, a Filson oxygenation kit is much quicker and easier than agitation by generating millions of tiny bubbles to contact with the liquid.

Filson oxygen wand is often found in beer brewing. When use an oxygen wand to oxygenate your beer, you are supposed to sanitize it first. Then you insert the device into the open end of the vinyl tubing. Put the oxygen wand down to the bottom of the fermenter. And when it starts working, you will see bubbles coming from the sintered porous stone.

Filson oxygen wand can be fabricated into different dimensions and media grades. Among these, 0.5-micron oxygen wand and 2-micron oxygen wand are the most popular types. That’s totally determined by your needs. Meanwhile, Filson provides replacement oxygen wand of other leading brands like Blichmann oxygen wand.

As for the cleaning of the oxygen wand, Filson is here to give you some suggestions:

  • Do not touch the stone with your bare hands to prevent clogging its pores with oils from your skin.
  • Boil the stone for several minutes before each use, and then attach it to the wand for sanitizing.
  • Blow oxygen through the stone for 5-10 seconds to clear the wort from it after each use.
  • Finally, remove the stone from the wand allow it to air dry, and place it in a plastic bag for storage.

If you have any doubts or problems about Filson oxygen wand, please contact us directly for help today!

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