Filson Replacement Nordson Filter Cartridges

  • Same quality with original one
  • Excellent durability to save costs
  • Long-lasting service life
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Optional for both standard and custom types

After 20 years development, Filson has committed to inspired innovative filter cartridge design. And also replacement filter cartridges are supplied by Filson. Choose Filson to improve filtration efficiency and enjoy a clear environment.

  • Types of media: cellulose polyester, spunbond polyester, nanoweb, PTFE mambrane, carbon, synthetic
  • Maximum operating temperature: no more than 177℃(upon basic media)
  • Dust removal efficiency: 95%-99.9%
  • Micron ratings: 0.2-50 micron
  • Dimensions: height: 22″, outside diameter: 7.93″, inside diameter: 3.60″(more sizes upon requirements)
  • Replaceable brands: Nordson

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Filson Replacement Nordson Filter Cartridges

Nordson Filter Cartridges Replacement for Original Quality

Filson replacement Nordson filter cartridges help capture and store dust and contaminants in filtration systems while cartridges are designed to reduce waste and help customers cut costs. We also offer a range of sizes for Nordson high-pressure filter cartridges to prevent clogging and reduce downtime.

Filson replacement Nordson filter cartridge is made of cellulose polyester, spunbond polyester, nanoweb, PTFE mambrane. Each replacement is available in different sizes. Our main replacement models includes 500 Series, 101413, 101414, 101431, 101432, 105164…

Filson can manufacture any types of Nordson filter cartridge replacement according to customer specifications. Just send us the model type number or detailed size for your current system, Filson is here and ready to help you save cost and improve your industrial efficiency.

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