Filson Nitrogen Filter Cartridge

  • Less oil, water and other contaminants residual
  • Available for various applications and various gases
  • Easy to change with convenient design
  • Equipped with the lasted technology
  • High temperature resistance
  • Superior functional life and unmatched functionality

There are many raw materials of Filson nitrogen filter cartridge, which are designed to meet various applications. In addition, you can select different cartridges which are compatible with your filter housing. For more details, please contact with us.

  • Raw material: paper, synthetic, polyester, pp, coalescing, activated carbon, non-woven, stainless steel wire mesh, sintered bronze, sintered wire mesh and sintered powder
  • Filtration rating: 0.01 micron to 6000 micron
  • Filtration efficiency: 99.99%
  • Width: 2.5-3 inch
  • Max pressure: 750 PSIG
  • Flow capacity: 1000m3/ min at 20℃
  • Flow rating(at the max pressure): 265 SCFM
  • Dimension: available in different size or customized
  • Max working temperature: up to 180 ℃
  • Maximum pressure differential: 16 bar in standard range, and 400 bar in high pressure range
  • Housing liter: active charcoal cartridge for 1.7 liter and 2.3 liter filter housing

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Nitrogen Filter Cartridge

Your Premier Nitrogen Filter Cartridge Manufacturer in China

Filson nitrogen filter element made of borosilicate fiber glass has an efficiency up to 99.99%, rated at 0.01 micron. There are less oil, water, aerosol residual in the process. It can fully meet your industrial purpose.

Owing to adopt high technology and advanced equipment, Filson nitrogen filter cartridge has good mechanical and chemical performance. It has impeccable resistance to heat, super service life and unmatched function.

Filson nitrogen filter cartridge has a broad application rage. It is widely used in painting industry, pneumatic valves and cylinders, food and packaging industries. If you have any need for Filson nitrogen filter cartridge, we can offer you a suitable one.

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