Filson Nitrogen Air Filter

  • Eliminate water and other contaminants from nitrogen air
  • Protect the valves and other equipment again contamination
  • Various materials are available for different applications
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in harsh environments
  • Larger filtration surface area than conventional filters
  • Allow the flow to have the lowest possible pressure resistance

The premier class of Filson nitrogen air filter, with modified material compositions and significantly improve surface texture, ensure lowest possibility differential pressure during the entire life of the filter element in the industry. You can totally feel ease to use our products.

  • Raw material: aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel and so on
  • Filtration rating: 0.01 micron to 6000 micron
  • Item weight: based on nitrogen air filter type
  • Flow rate: 8000 NM3/H
  • Flow rating(at the max pressure): 265 SCFM
  • Dimension: available in different size or customized
  • Working temperature: under 65℃
  • Max pressure: 16 bar
  • Residual oil content: 0.01 mg/m3
  • Connection mode: flange and thread connection
  • Line size: ranging from: 1/4 inch NB to 40 inch NB

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Nitrogen Air Filter

Your Reliable Nitrogen Air Filter Manufacturer in China

In terms of construction ability, Filson is a leading nitrogen air filter manufacturing factory in China. We cover almost all the industries that need filtering, so if you have any requirements about filter, feel free to contact with us.

Filson independent experts certify nitrogen air filter which has a reliable separation performance of solids particles, oil, and water aerosols. And they are validated on the basis of ISO 12500-1: 2007 and ISO 8573-1: 2010.

Filson nitrogen air filter has a highly efficient microfibre element with an optimized external e-coating. We provides a 12-month performance warranty which guarantee practically constant low differential pressure at consistently high separation performance.

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