Filson Nickel Gas Filter

  • Quality nickel structure to withstand high differential pressures
  • Safe operation conditions provided for the workers
  • Superior filtration performance for high efficiency
  • The optimal choice for any filtration application
  • Highly thermal and corrosive resistance for harsh conditions

Filson sintered metal nickel gas filter is highly recommended for a variety of high purity gas applications within the semiconductor industry due to its high corrosion resistance. With high filtration accuracy, it can deal with any size of particles.

  • Construction material: nickel or alloys based on request
  • Micron rating: 0.5 – 300μm
  • Filtration efficiency: up to 99.9%
  • Working temperatures: Max. 1200°C
  • Working pressure: under 3MPa
  • Length: up to 1200mm without welding
  • Shape: pipe/tube, plate, sheet, disc, bar, ring, foil, cone, cylinder, candle

Note: micron rating, length, and shape can be customized at Filson, contact us.

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Filson Nickel Gas Filter

Your Dependable Nickel Gas Filter Manufacturer in China

Filson nickel gas filter is a versatile device applied to remove contaminants and impurities in the gas being treated. Its micron rating can be customized from 0.5 microns to 300 microns to collect even the finest factors in the gas.

Filson nickel gas filter has excellent anti-distortion, no carbon deposit, and good toughness, the most important one is that nickel is not easy to react with most gases. So it is the premier selection when you are going to filter oxygen, nitrogen trifluoride, fluorine, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide.

After sintering, Filson nickel gas filter has a robust and compact structure that you can feel free to use. It won’t drop powder or particles which may cause secondary pollution to raw fluids. And a flexible shape and connection design ensure the product perfectly matches your system.

Fill out the information sheet on the page for a new sintered nickel gas filter or simply call Filson at 86 – 157 3695 8886 to get the details about the product.

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